Michael Meechin

Mike Meechin is an educator and proud product of the inner-city public education system. He blogs at Transparent Curriculum, and is the owner of Innovate Education, a grassroots professional development company. Mike is currently a Data and Assessment Coordinator for a large urban Central Florida school district.
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An Appeal.

This is a repost from my blog, Transparent Curriculum, from February. This is an appeal. Today the nationwide discussion is, and has been about accountability. Accountability for schools, for teachers, for students. Since the passage of NCLB, and ESEA before that – we have seen testing become the vehicle for how we assess accountability in … Continue reading

Tear Down That Wall

Walls. We are surrounded by them in our schools. Usually a dull beige or institutional grey; they divide us from our colleagues, administrators, community, and sometimes even our students. They also serve as a phenomenal metaphor for the state of education in this country. How many people actually know what goes on in the educational factories … Continue reading


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