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An Introduction to myself…

Dear Cooperative Catalysts,

My name is Casey Caronna.  I pledged on here last week to not compromise myself or my students by participating in any sort of activity that would lead to the harm or construction of a false reality of learning, teaching, or schooling.

I want to first of all, thank each of you for allowing me to participate and be a part of Cooperative Catalyst, this cooperative blog is a tremendous application of theoretical discussions that began at Goddard College in January of 2010.  I feel very excited to be a part of an active group, which strives to rely on one another for alliedship, cooperation, serious educational discussions, and as a transformational environment for new, cutting edge educational praxis.  Thank you and I hope to be a valid contributor on this site as my progressive educational life continues on.

A little bit about myself.  I am a 25 year old graduate student in the EDU program at Goddard College.  I am working on my Masters of Arts in Education and my endorsement area is secondary social studies.  My undergraduate studies were done at The Evergreen State College, a progressive liberal arts college in Olympia, Washington.  Basically, my life for the last six years has been immersed in progressive educational environments, thoughts and behaviors.  I turned down several traditional graduate school programs because they seemed to be the opposite of my belief in education.  Taking the leap into Goddard has allowed me to not regret that decision.  I feel privileged, honored, and blessed to be a part of such a transformational institution that has consistently stayed true to its values and commitments, with very little compromise.

I have been a married man for almost 3 years and I am wholeheartedly in love with my very best friend.  Ashley is a nurse and works in a rest home here in Olympia, Washington.  We have a cat named Cognac and are continually growing towards one another, even with the challenges of life, personality and the current economic conditions.

Finally, I am a devout Christian who is committed to the teachings of Christ and others who came before and after him.  My Christianity shapes my moral compass, but probably not in many of the ways that traditional christians are portrayed as.  I am a passivist, servant, adamant believer in the bible as truth and mostly literal, and is intrigued by the idea of how to reconcile my progressive educational ideas with my practices in my faith.

I hope this wasn’t inappropriate to post, but I thought it would be good to get to know who I am a little bit.  I am still a little confused at how Cooperative Catalyst works, in terms of writing on topics, the “cascade” idea and commenting on others posts, I have never been a part of a cooperative blog before.  I hope Adam can educate me a bit on it.

Oh, one final thing, I am currently doing edits on my thesis, which is entitled, The Reconceptualization of the Prevailing Assumptions of Community Education.

Thanks everybody, I look forward to exploring and collaborating with all of you in the near future.

In Educational Solidarity,

Casey K. Caronna


About caseykcaronna

A 27 year old Master of Arts in Education Degree holder from the progressive, liberal arts school, Goddard College. I am interested in Holistic, Community, Progressive, Democratic and Student-Centered Education. I am currently a part-time employee with the Boy Scouts of America. I am writing my first book on holistic education and looking for full time employment in education, throughout the United States and Canada. I am interested in all things education and hope to make trans-formative changes to the educational system(s) in America and in the process help to improve the lives of the individuals in whom it serves.


3 thoughts on “An Introduction to myself…

  1. Casey, you rock! Your honest offering is inspiring and humbling. I, too, am new to this forum but feel fortunate to be part of a community asking questions, staying open to answers and interested in dialogue about how to play a positive role in education. I look forward to hearing more about what your thoughts are on this. I’m glad to hear your thesis is taking shape and that things are well with you!

    Posted by Shannon | April 18, 2010, 6:35 pm
  2. Welcome, Casey! Thank you so much for introducing yourself and your beliefs to the group. I think it’s wonderful that you have found so many ways to pursue the passions in your life, and I look forward to learning from you here.

    I’m a mid-career teacher who’s been gifted with mentors who have brought me here. I haven’t always been so progressive or passionate about students’ joyful and authentic learning, but I’ve tried to become a better teacher throughout my career. I’m glad to have arrived at a place where I believe in and can see schools of the future that are places of choice, meaning, and joy for learners.

    I live in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and work in Charlottesville at our state’s only start-up charter school, a public arts-infused, literacy-focused middle school for non-traditional learners. I’m interested in 1:1 education, authentic learning, blended instruction, the charter movement, democratic education, joyful learning, learning through games, learning through social media, project-based learning, school choice, service-learning, student entrepreneurship, and virtual schools.

    I’m married to the incredible Bethany Nowviskie, and we have two children, one of whom is already in school.

    Best wishes to you and for your thesis!

    Posted by Chad Sansing | April 18, 2010, 9:38 pm
  3. Hi Casey! Welcome and I look forward to learning from you.

    Posted by Kirsten Olson | April 21, 2010, 8:27 am

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