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help please

hey guys. not really a post, but a plea for critique…

the last 2 days we’ve been throwing a ton of stuff in here.

giving ourselves another week to purge and add and fine tune… then we’d like to start sharing it.

craving your insight…

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5 thoughts on “help please

  1. Not sure if I’m the sort of feedback you’ve been looking for, but here it goes. I’m a copywriter for a online curriculum company and I write a daily blog post. I’m always searching to see what other education writers are “talking” about, and I randomly ran across your site. After reading a couple of posts I added you to my live feed.

    The writing is intelligent, thoughtful, and relevant. And for me, it’s about the writing. Could you make it more interactive, colorful, fun? Sure. That may appeal to those who want a quick read and a bit more interaction. I guess it’s about defining the purpose and what you intend for people to do while they visit.

    While I make it priority to focus on issues relevant to public school teachers and administrators, I’m having a heck of a time getting any audience participation. It’s a tough fight for readership.

    So if this is an affirmation for you, so be it. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

    Posted by melissa | July 13, 2010, 1:58 pm
  2. Monika, Congratulations, it is beautiful. To the degree I know you it is deeply expressive of you. What I would like to know more about as I roam around the blog is…

    1) What is the YOU that puts this together? What is your learning story, the story of your own life that has put you in the place where you are launching “be you.”? What are some of the threads of your own narrative that color this project, this lift off? Please tell me so that this can be a part of my experience of being there. Here. Well, everywhere.

    2) What do you hope and dream might be the outcome of your vision? Because a lot of people are saying a lot of the same things, and roaming around putting the same links up and sharing…What makes this unique to you and your work in schools?

    3) Could you say a little more about your actual project, your work with kids, for folks who haven’t stopped around much at your sites? This will help folks understand where you come from, and give you more credibility…

    In love, appreciation, and let’s kick ass on the revolution,


    Posted by Kirsten Olson | July 13, 2010, 6:13 pm
  3. holy cow.. i had (i thought) some good answers to your questions Kirsten… now Paula has sent me on a tailspin.. a good one – no a great one – of course. read about it here.

    when i read Paula’s excellent post on a challenge to act… her question near the end really resonated.. where and how do we share this.
    and now i’m back to your questions Kirsten esp #2.

    my sister is a graphic designer – we are planning to hang next week and work on – be you. she has already helped me purge a bunch.. but she is asking the same things you ask Kirsten. so i do plan to get at them. very key. thank you.

    we do have pockets going on… do we just keep working until the pockets blend to one? is there a way to speed up this process of change? what is needed most now… because i’m always blown away when i find something that has been around… that is amazing… and i ask myself – so why am i just now finding it?
    what is keeping it from being out there? is it that there are too many? or are they missing something key? what would make this movement viral?

    Posted by monika hardy | July 14, 2010, 8:31 am
  4. by the way.. this is stoking me.

    1) it’s showing my personal growth.
    a year ago.. i would have bailed by now. i’d be back in my classroom. doing cool private things.

    2) it’s adrenalizing me. (to create new words even)
    the more we zoom out and zoom in (maybe that’s why they think getpivot is the first engine to treat the web like a web) – the more we find doable things that can make us better.

    Posted by monika hardy | July 14, 2010, 9:11 am
  5. Monika, in another part of my life I was just on the phone with someone else who is catalyzing the revolution, and I am sending him a link to “be you” as an example how we’ve got to bring lots of parts of the transformation together. Also, I’m so glad this is stoking you. I love how you are learning in public and not bailing.

    Real learning requires courage. That’s what I deeply believe and you’re showing it, and inspiring the rest of us.

    Posted by Kirsten Olson | July 15, 2010, 3:11 pm

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