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our reform story

This is my draft for what I plan to share on aug 1 at the reform symposium – as an intro to this.
Like in the classroom we feel you should get a pre-search. (help me purge that first link guys.. 3 min tops)

I just attended an elluminate session where Jo Hart was so gracefully discussing the value of face to face conferences.

I certainly see them as a fractal of being together real time within a fractal of learning how to learn.
The need for personalization of learning shows up most during a lecture type time. It’s unlikely we all can remain engaged on one topic in a given time period (meaning all of us in ed or at a conference.) Not so unlikely for a specified community or tribe though, that has authentic connections.

In blended classes you get these opportunities:

  • a pre-search of the topic-
  • a face to face meeting – one in which you are already entrenched in the topic and/or the people attending
  • a re-search of the notes after (discussion/activity)
  • a re-play ability to rehash any of the above, by hitting replay, by ongoing tweet/blog/junto conversations, etc

We hope during the time together, a most important time – you aren’t left with a de-search.
these other elements are so vital to upping the value of the times we spend together
We hope you aren’t left with only the 2 feet rule or the back channel escape.

The beauty of fractal-thinking is seeing ourselves in what we wish for our students.

Many want the two feet rule.. ok – do we allow that for our students? Is there a better way… what if we got better at pre-search going? What if we only met together face to face if there was a reason – for each of us… not just the presenter at a conference or the teacher in a room….

  1. I read 5 of your books, I know I’ll be on the edge of my seat.
  2. I read your pre-search notes and can’t wait for you to untangle some of them.
  3. I read your pre-search notes and other’s comments on them – I can’t wait to get together in a room with all of you and hash that out.
  4. I read your pre-search notes – and I won’t need the 2 feet rule – and I won’t use the backchannel as a bash tool –  because I’m picking this learning space, I’m prepped for that time together.

And if for some reason – it’s not what I expected, because that could still happen, it’s fine. I know of Carol Dweck’s growth Mindset and I also can’t wait to dig gems out of what I initially may view as disconnect.

We should model that – we should look more like pieces of the fractal.

The Coop is planning  a meet up – after just one junto session. We’re craving time together. We have so many connections already. That’s how time together should be.
Are we’re facilitating those times for our students to connect? Are we focusing on community – or are we assigning work that seems meaningful to us, and then expecting them to jump hoops to be dying to come into our classroom? Are we nudging, urging, providing for connections in the ubiquity of life that makes them crave our times together?

This is ridiculous, and impossible.
Well it was.
That’s the new.
The web is allowing us to getpivot wisdom out of the connected fractals of life  – helping us to see value in all that we do.. and spend our time on things that matter.
We’re headed for an authentic nclb.


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2 thoughts on “our reform story

  1. Monika, I just read everything. Here’s what I love:

    -The opportunity for a pre-search on the presentation (and to know more about your reform story at the lab).

    -Your description of “blended classes”:
    a pre-search of the topic-
    a face to face meeting
    a re-search of the notes after (discussion/activity)
    a re-play ability to rehash any of the above, by hitting replay,
    by ongoing tweet/blog/junto conversations, etc”

    That seems like a description of the form(s) of a lot of great teaching. I’m preparing for a presentation right now and I’d going to use this to think about how to engage folks.

    -The invitation to participate and to notice my own wonderings (gets me excited and I want IN).

    What’s missing for me:

    -I want to hear more about what “instruction,” the stuff you actually do around learning looks like, feels like, has outcomes that are like, from you but most especially the EXPERTS, the students. In the land I live in, that’s where the rubber hits the road: what is the actual stuff kids are engaged in, what was hard, how did they do harder things because they figured out stuff that was hard…To scale up your model people will want to know a lot about that.

    -What did you learn about learning that is part of the model for the coming year? How do you critique your model and make it better? Whom did it serve and whom did it not? (Lots of people like to get together about learning more, perhaps, than your model favors?)

    -What’s the two feet rule?

    Thank you for the pre-search.

    Loving learning with you,


    Posted by Kirsten | July 26, 2010, 7:42 am
    • thank you for the feedback.. thank you for taking the time for reading and writing… you’re a dear.

      hopefully the part above is like 3-5 min.

      the rest of the time on aug 1 – the kids are sharing the do stuff.. the stuff you are talking about that is missing.
      in that first sentence above – “as an intro to this.” – the “this” links to what the kids will be sharing.. how we’re changing this next year up, who it’s involving.

      talking to you guys has helped me a ton.. it’s so easy to get focused on what you’re doing – the people you work with – and not zoom that out so any one can access it…

      Posted by monika hardy | July 26, 2010, 9:16 am

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