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Writing at the Cooperative: Week in Review

This week saw the opening of Waiting for Superman, and a lot of PR and airtime has been spent talking about the so-called Super heroes in Education Reform.

At the Cooperative we have tried to counter their narrow conversation with a  more varied and deeper discussion of  work needed to transform education not just reform it.

This Week at the Cooperative:

David Loitz started  the week with the question Is education a human right or human nature?.

Joe Bower showed a example of community building through the use of Rock Band!

Jeff Steele asked “Why is Authentic Learning a dream?”

Casey reminded us that uniformity is not the answer!

David shared a video explaining how new ideas are best created!

Kristen reflected on seeing “Waiting for Superman” at Harvard.

Joe reminded us that “”The greatest enemy of understanding is coverage.”

John Spencer abandoned Superman for a story that’s real and honest and humble.

Mr. Senor Hill ends the week by reminding us that finding the right question is essential to true education transformation!

This has been a record week for readership and I hope it continues! Please if you missed a post or didn’t get a chance to leave a comment, please do! These conversations are essential and on going! As a Cooperative we can create a powerful and rich counter narrative to the shiny narrative of the current Superman-style reform! Looking forward to another week of great conversations as we live and learn together!

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