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i wish i was here more. every time i come – i renew. and the more connections i make… the more i realize i can’t adequately thank anyone.

Alec Couros tweeted this quote not too long ago. that’s exactly how i feel.
I am part of all that I have met” ~Tennyson

then Seth Godin posted   i spread your idea because

i absolutely love #20:

I spread your idea because
I’m in awe of your art
and the only way I can repay you
is to share that art with others.

so i’ve been sharing your art with others .. and now we’re sharing back to you …
yup .. the mesh.
we remix you daily here.
and individually here.
words…?  none are enough.
i’m glad you know.


About monika hardy

experimenting with the intersection of city and school.


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