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Writing at the Cooperative Catalyst:Week in Review 11/08-11/13

Please check out some of our new authors(Paul Freeman and Steve Miranda) and revisit the diverse offering this past week and always join the conversation!

Hope you have a great week!

Community. Community. Community.

November 13, 2010

I got an email today from a friend who’s launching an after-school program to help young people dealing with racism and socioeconomic disadvantage. School isn’t set up for folks in that situation, and my friend wants to do something about it. The program involves getting together once a week to work on mathematics and literacy,… [Read more…]

Homeschooling/unschooling my son

November 13, 2010

My son is 4 years old, and next September, he’s supposed to enter “the system” and start school. My wife and I have been exploring options for his schooling until he’s old enough to make his own decisions about it. We were planning on having him attend the private school at which I work, but… [Read more…]

City Slickers and School Transformation: Finding the One Thing

November 13, 2010

I was going through my video collection last night and came across one that I hadn’t thought about in a while. The movie City Slickers follows the adventures of a few friends who try to renew and re-purpose their lives by going on a cattle driving vacation. There’s a great scene in the film where… [Read more…]

Is it a cop out to drop out?

November 12, 2010

Hi Coop Cat community, As this is my first post at Coop Cat, I feel I should use it to serve as a bit of an introduction.  First, I want to say how blown away I am by the thoughtfulness and commitment I have found in reading the posts and comments on this site.  More… [Read more…]

What does it mean to be well-educated?

November 10, 2010

This post originally appeared on my site a few months ago, and is running today on the Huffington Post. Read, then weigh in! “What does it mean to be well-educated?” This is another one of those simple, but complicated questions I consider daily. Whenever I summarize my view for others, I say something along the… [Read more…]

We Need to Move Beyond Cookie-Cutter Schooling & Embrace Diversity in How We Educate Our Children

November 8, 2010

Although my mother knows that I read The New York Times online, if she sees an article of interest in her print copy, she cuts it out and sends it to me. Recently, she sent me an article about Brother Brian Carty, founder of the De La Salle Academy, a private middle school for the… [Read more…]



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