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One person can’t. A tribe can. Together we are more.

interesting race to nowhere stats: those who do better have dinner convos.
mtgs with lab parents… where kids get some of best connections. but even at dinner those (connections needed for school) don’t always come up.
so perhaps – if we schank story school.. more connections are made…

ie: parents offering connections has been much higher this year with lab kids – per passion – than with math kids the last 20 years – not many parents connect with math… or they are good at it – but not in a way that help the kid – only confuses the boxed math
that should be a huge indicator – are we doing what matters in school?

So – one of the biggest questions we get with what we’re doing (in the lab)-
will you have enough mentors.
Well – I’m thinking we will be blown away by the mentors available.
We’ve just not been looking in the right places (ie: parents) because we’ve been focusing in the wrong things (ie: algebra)

When we question/reflect: we end up doing things that matter.
When we become more resourceful: we create more space/time to question/reflect.
When we do things that matter: well you decide.. does that matter?

And if we’re doing things that people connect to – things that matter – stories that matter… then connections come easier and mentors are everywhere.
Let’s test it out.. let’s let kids decide what matters to them and see if they can find some connections in unlikely places.

Corey on making connections:

Cristian’s passion is soccer… Cristian is bright/keen/sharp – he’s always thinking about ways to help others:
Yet -Cristian needs detox – ie: he was waiting for something as simple as soccer balls to move ahead with a plan – come to find out the kid sitting next to him just needed to hear his story – we need to focus on – what do you do without a game plan.

If you’re so inclined follow more of Cristian’s story here: 1 2 3

As usual… just sharing the daily mash-ups in my head.. what do you think of this one?..


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