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Week of March 8, 2010

This week we will be posting and discussing our thoughts on “how should public schools be structured for democratic education?” Initial posts will go live at 3pm EST Monday, followed by the cross-pollination of our thoughts. Please join in the discussion as it will add to the diversity and vibrancy of thought. Advertisements

Schools SHOULD BE Where We Learn Democracy

I grew up, as probably many of us did, in a traditional school. It was a neighborhood school, where I walked or rode my bike to school, and often rode it home mid-day to have lunch with my Mom. We had between 250-300 students, with two teachers per grade. I don’t remember there being any … Continue reading

Undemocratic classrooms of a Democratic Society

Democracy truly is something all Americans (and yes, even us Canadians) should truly cherish. We should cherish it so much that we should do whatever it takes to ensure that our children be guaranteed the same rights and freedoms that we have come to appreciate. So how do we do that? Public Education. Public education may … Continue reading

Schools Must Become Democratic Institutions

In a democracy, public education should promote models and policies for schools that provide students direct, personal experience with democratic ideals of choice, equality, freedom, and shared power. As much as we want to “teach content” and “cover curriculum,” we can’t drop out of the sky into students’ pre-exisitng communities and the midst of their … Continue reading

Education for Sane Planetary Citizenship

Education needs to be for the development of profoundly sane personalities. It is nothing less that will bring about the environmental restoration and rejuvenation necessary to avoid the worst of possible scenarios. It is nothing less that will bring about an end to armed conflict. It is nothing less that will be able to confront the problems yet to be known. Continue reading

Week of March 1, 2010

To begin our cooperative exploration of re-imagining education, we have decided to jump off with the big picture–“What is the role of education in a democracy?” Look for our individual thoughts on this tomorrow, followed by a week-long conversation through commenting on our posts. We sincerely hope that you’ll join in this and many more … Continue reading

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