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Metaphoria – the Pecha Kucha Version!

Alright, time for me to switch it up a bit. I know much of what I write here has been in rather a formal voice – some might say wordy or stodgy!  🙂  So I thought I’d pop in this small post which is similar in theme to this previous post.

This Pecha Kucha presentation was developed for a session at the ECOO 2010 conference in Toronto and was replicated the other evening for Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach’s PLP event.

I decided to put in video format. It’s short. Less than seven minutes.


(Oh yes, in deference to accuracy, many of the examples I use are similes not metaphors!) How’s that Adam? 😉

Have you ever tried the Pecha Kucha format with your students?  It’s awesome.  I got the idea originally from Garr Reynold’s book – Presentation Zen. It’s very difficult but has some excellent benefits.  The format is basically 20 slides/20 seconds and they should auto-advance. The slides should be well-designed – mostly graphical and so aimed at the right brain. The ‘speech’ for the left.

Try it!

About Peter Skillen

Peter Skillen is an independent educator in Ontario, Canada. He has been involved in technology supported, inquiry-based learning since the mid 1970s–particularly as it relates to learner agency, passion, & cognitive intent. Peter blogs at The Construction Zone.


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