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new digs

Change is the only constant, and at Cooperative Catalyst it is time for a renovation. What do you think? We want to know.

We have two primary goals for the Cooperative:

1. Have high quality conversations in line with our vision and mission.

2.Provide an engaging and welcoming on-line format to accomplish the above.

The redesign is aimed to help us better achieve the second goal and provide some feedback on how we are doing in regards to the first. Some features of the new design:

  • Home Page Redesign-Our previous design mirrored our democratic organizational structure. All posts were equal in presentation on the home page. Newest posts were listed first. And this worked well. The new home page has a featured conversation block, followed by the most recent posts beneath it. We plan to feature a conversation for a week at a time. This may be a current hot post, or it may be something from the archives. The idea is to keep conversations simmering to get all the tasty, cerebral goodness we can out of them. Let us know how this is working for you over the next month or so.
  • Ratings-Posts and comments can now be rated up and down. We talk about the importance of feedback in life, particularly in schools, so we thought we’d experiment with a new form of feedback. Commenting on posts and engaging in the conversation is the richest way to provide feedback, but this numerical system will also capture information we may miss otherwise. Are posts and comments helpful? Positively contributing to the conversation? Perhaps ratings will clue us into where the hotspots are.

We might play with colors and images or other smaller tweaks in the coming weeks, but these are the two major components of our revamp. Please let us know what is working for you, what is isn’t, and what else would be helpful.

All the best,

The Cooperative Catalyst Crew


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A dedicated group of individual thinkers, committed to personal refinement and reflection to bring forth meaningful and timely education in


2 thoughts on “new digs

  1. Projects like this are so fun, aren’t they?

    Posted by Suzanne | February 25, 2011, 11:10 am


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