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I would be heartbroken to lose the writing project

Kim Ellis shares this #blog4nwp post with the Coöp.

My attendance at the HVWP Summer Institute of 2003 literally changed the direction of my life, both personally and professionally. The events springing from that summer are so numerous that I will offer them in a list:

  • I became a member of HVWP’s ESL study team, examining ELL’s writing and discussion best practices of teaching writing to this population.
  • I became a member of HVWP’s Professional Writing Group.
  • I published articles in the English Record.
  • I was a co-presenter at NYSEC annual conference for two years.
  • I presented workshops for staff development in my school district (Monroe-Woodbury)
  • Ipresented workshops for HVWP Saturday Seminar.
  • I became acolumnist for the Monroe-Woodbury Teachers’ Association newsletter from 2003 to the present.
  • I published an article in an e-magazine.

  • I became a member of HVWP’s Early Childhood study team.
  • I trained and got certified to lead writing groups using the Amherst Writers and Artists method.
  • I became a leader of two AWA writing groups: one for ninth and tenth grade girls, of whom 5 were ELLs, and a leader for HVWP teacher consultants, returning as a fellow at the HVWP Summer Institute in 2010.
  • Currently I teach kindergarten and first grade ESL students. The first grade students write at least three times a week. Many of the lessons in the teacher inquiry workshops and Saturday seminars have become part of my writing instruction. I find that being a member of the HVWP community is the most valuable resource for improving my teaching instruction and stimulating reflection on my teaching practice.

    The HVWP taught me that I was a writer. Now I write with my students as a matter of course, and all of us benefit and grow. I owe it all to the HVWP and I would be heartbroken to lose that professional resource.


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