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The United States of #blog4nwp

Here is a map showing the dozens of sites and cities from which you have contributed #blog4nwp posts. Don’t miss Alaska!

Support for the National Writing Project is bipartisan; it comes from rural, suburban, and urban sites; it comes from students, parents, and educators; it comes from veteran and pre-service teachers; it comes from the mind and the heart.

Several sites have had multiple contributors post in support of the National Writing Project – the map accounts for where we’ve written from, but not for how many posts we’ve contributed.

Site leaders and NWP staffers, if you can mobilize TCs in under-represented states, that would be fantastic – we could have representation from every state in the archive and on the map.

Contributors, let me know if I’ve missed your site!

Thank you all. Keep it up. I am happy to update the map another few hundred times.


About Chad Sansing

I teach for the users. Opinions are mine; content is ours.



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