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#blog4nwp – Dear President Obama

Little Rock Writing Project member Sally Crisp shares this letter to President Obama with #blog4nwp.

Dear President Obama,

You are a writer, and I am writing – with hope and confidence – to ask for your support for writers. Today’s students need to learn to write for school, for college, for work, for life. They need to learn to write on computers, on paper, on phones, on the web, on blogs, on Facebook, on platforms that are still to be invented. They need to learn to think and write, just as you do every day and just as all the writers who support you in the White House do and all the writers who support you as you communicate with the citizens of the United States and with the leaders and citizens of other countries do.

All American students from pre-K through college need to learn to think and write more and more and better and better. I am certain you want this for all students, just as you do for your smart and beautiful daughters.

With 200 sites across the country, the National Writing Project is a decades-old, proven program which prepares teachers to teach students to write for now and the future – their own futures and our country’s future.

Think of the power and the potential goodness of a country where all citizens are well prepared to read and think and write. Please support our future writers: ask Congress to reinstate funding for the National Writing Project.

Respectfully yours,
Sally Crisp


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