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Restore Funding to the NWP

Kathleen Yeager shares this #blog4nwp letter with the Coöp.

Dear President Obama, and Members of the U.S. House and Senate,

I am writing you today, as a taxpayer and a teacher, to urge you to restore funding to the National Writing Project.

What you might not know about the Writing Project is:

  • Writing Projects across the country provide professional development in the teaching of writing to private, public and parochial school teachers.
  • Independent research demonstrates that students taught by Writing Project teachers outperform those taught by other teachers.
  • Our local Writing Project receives less than $50,000 in federal funds, but is required to find additional local revenue sources.
  • As a reading teacher in a high need, rural district in the Hudson Valley of New York, I know firsthand the challenges facing teachers and students. Since 2002 I have been affiliated with the National Writing Project. It has provided me with continuous, high level professional development that affects the instruction I provide to students each and every day.

    The National Writing Project is a well-established network of teachers of all political stripes who work tirelessly to improve student performance at minimal cost to taxpayers.

    Please do the right thing and restore funding to the National Writing Project. The future of this country will thank you.

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