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Request for Proposals: Partnerships for Educational Change

WOW! In the last year, the Co-op has grown from four authors to over 50 today. We have thousands of posts, comments, and visits. We have successfully launched several activist blogging initiatives, and become a recognized site for rigorous thinking and discussion. Thank you all–both our writers and our readers!

The growth has been phenomenal and we look to continue our quest for bettering education through a variety of methods.  Today we are releasing the Request for Proposals (RFP) for strategic partnerships to promote the growth of the Co-op, its mission and vision.

Please join us by responding to our Request For Proposals.

Please share this RFP with others whom you think might be interested.  Work with us as we move forward, working towards an educational system that truly meets the needs of all learners!


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A dedicated group of individual thinkers, committed to personal refinement and reflection to bring forth meaningful and timely education in


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