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First Year Reflection from an occasional participant

For me this is unusual – this is a piece I am writing only for this site. Normally when I post it is a cross-posting of something on education written originally for another site, perhaps Daily Kos.

I probably spend too much time online already. And I write on topics other than education on a regular basis. The combination of those reasons is why you don’t see me here more frequently.

I do read all the posts, even when I rarely comment. I get a lot of good ideas reading the ideas of others. Occasionally I even participate in the exchanges, on those rare cases when I actually have something positive to contribute.

This is an important effort, and I commend those whose efforts keep it going. I’m honored to be allowed to crosspost some of my ideas here.

When the school year winds down in mid-June, perhaps I will have more time to participate. But then not being in my classroom I will have less motivation to do so. It is the conundrum of being a teacher/blogger, the regular time conflicts between the two roles.

It is important that the voices of educators play a more prominent role in the forming of educational policy, locally, at the state level, and most assuredly national as well.

So congratulations to all here for an important effort, one I hope continues to grow.




2 thoughts on “First Year Reflection from an occasional participant

  1. This is a great way to begin and a generous post. Thanks so much for starting us off strong.



    Posted by kirsten olson | April 25, 2011, 9:46 am
  2. Thank you, Ken, for contributing here as you do – the more cross-walking we can do between networks and efforts, the more effective we’ll be in changing schools.

    All the best,

    Posted by Chad Sansing | April 25, 2011, 10:05 am

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