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Chad Sansing Educational Advocacy Quotes™

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Quotes, Pricing, & Package Options

Product Code Chad Sansing Educational Advocacy Quote™ Price
CMMNCR1 How can we expect parents and teachers to help our students without telling parents and teachers what students need to know? Just as philanthropists need standards to let advocates know how to help appointed federal officials, states need common standards to help administrators tell teachers and parents how to help kids. It’s like the perfect game of telephone as governed by a robust acceptable use policy. 1 Xperia phone.
DFERDEMED1 The greatest danger to our democracy is a democratically educated public. We can’t just do what we want in the real world. Schools must prepare students for the realities of not being able to do what you want while seated at a desk. After all, it is not a school’s responsibility to ensure that its graduates make the kind of money that would let them do what they want while seated at a desk anyway. $500,000 or best offer.
EDPRSSEC1 I feel like we’ve been here before. Social media is a one way street. If you want to have a conversation that matters, F)Pay to start one, G)Get elected to the House as a Republican, H)Comply with all Race to the Top criteria, or J)Curse out the Bulls on Twitter. 2 court-side NBA play-off tickets
EDRFRM1 The ship of public education is sinking and it cannot be reformed into a submarine…without the right interventions. 3-5 Uncanny X-Men comics from between issues 150 and 225.
STDNTBSH1 Teachers are paid to teach, not to debate policy or pedagogy. Students aren’t paid at all. Do you really think they’re trying to tell us something in morse code playing all those tap-tap games in class? 1 iPad 2
VNDRFUN1 Vendors are missing out on a transformative opportunity to reform students’ reactions to scripted curricula. When will they wake up, smell the Kopi Luwak, and start selling scripted student responses? 1 lb. of whole bean Green Mountain Coffee and 1 domesticated Asian Palm Civet.
EDPAC1 All 6 Chad Sansing Educational Advocacy Quotes™. Participate in either Fifty Students, One Question or The Save our Schools March – or do both. Or bring back the Whalers.

With thanks to David Wees and @EdReformPR for the inspiration. Please leave Your Own Educational Advocacy Quotes™ in the comments below!

About Chad Sansing

I teach for the users. Opinions are mine; content is ours.


2 thoughts on “Chad Sansing Educational Advocacy Quotes™

  1. Effing hilarious! (I’m scared of using profanity on this blog). Seriously, an ingenious idea pulled off with a creative flair. I love it.

    Posted by johntspencer | June 2, 2011, 6:59 pm
  2. Thanks, John – you are our master satirist – I hope I’ve made you proud.

    What quotes of your own would you add to the in(s)anity of it all?


    Posted by Chad Sansing | June 2, 2011, 8:04 pm

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