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Detroit’s Future

20 teachers and artists from all around Detroit came together this past week to redefine the purpose and practice of education.

At a week long retreat organized by Allied Media Projects (AMP) in Detroit and funded by the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, adults heard from young people, listened to one another, read up on innovative schooling structures, and agreed to obliterate the walls between our schools and our communities.

I served as the Education Specialist overseeing this amazing synergy that reignited my hope for our city and the potential for our youth to totally transform it into a socially just environment that nourishes creativity and humanity.

20 Teachers and Artists met to redefine the purpose and practice of education in Detroit.


2 thoughts on “Detroit’s Future

  1. This sounds amazing. Can you tell us more!


    Posted by dloitz | August 15, 2011, 8:14 pm
  2. Hey David!

    Where to begin? This program has been a year in the making. The Detroit Digital Justice Coalition aims to increase student engagement and empowerment by incorporating 3 critical elements into our classrooms: 1) Problem-posing instruction; 2) digital media arts; and 3) community-school interactions.

    We’ll be documenting our work throughout the implementation year (kicking off this fall) and the fabulous teachers and artists pictured above are AMPed and ready to take on the world of transformative education! Follow us on Twitter: #detroitfuture

    Posted by ammerahsaidi | August 17, 2011, 6:56 am

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