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TedxKidsBC Viewing Party

The Cooperative Catalyst is proud to be hosting an official viewing party for TEDxKidsBC on Sept 17th (Check back later for videos on each talk). This event showcases kid’s voices and their amazing work.  Big kids Goran Kima and David Wees (both CoopCats authors), have worked hard to help make this happen! Grab some Popcorn and join us for a great event!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

TEDxKidsBC will also be streaming their event live from their website. The purpose of the TEDxKidsBC event is to showcase some of the awesome work kids do. Goran Kima recent post Back to the Future-Together! is a great overview of the importance of this event!

Here are some resources to help you out.

Please use the share buttons below and invite your friends, colleagues, family, and anyone else you know who may be interested in these talks, to participate.

Also join us below to discussion the talks. Hopefully some of the speakers will join us in the future, so leave questions and comments with that in mind!

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7 thoughts on “TedxKidsBC Viewing Party

  1. Can’t wait to be watch this event!


    Posted by dloitz | September 17, 2011, 3:55 am
  2. Favorite Quotes from Cameron Herald.
    “I was told to stop selling stuff to the other kids.”
    “Entrepreneurs take dreams and make them a reality”
    “What if we were not told to go get jobs?”
    “Most entrepreneur have ADD!”
    “If Medical community got a hold of me they would drug me”
    “Because I don’t conform to the norms”

    Like the message of helping children see solutions, but some of his ideas are based on the current idea of money and competition. I think he can push it farther and talk about we can change the world to be more sustainable not just about business mindset. Interested in the idea of Entrepreneurship without the idea of business tied to it. What are the values of entrepreneurship that translate to living a more just and sustainable future, that move away from the idea of “What can I get” and instead “what can I do to create a better world”

    Love to post the video here!

    -David Loitz

    Posted by dloitz | September 17, 2011, 4:59 pm
  3. “Kishal is a ten-year-old girl with a passion for creative writing: “I like to ride my bike up and down hills, I love to swing on monkey bars, but the two things I truly adore the most are writing and reading. When I grow up I want to be a novelist, and also make newspapers and magazines, and maybe write scripts for movies too. When I was very little I made picture books. Then I started adding a few words to my stories. Now I have written many books. I’m constantly writing out all of my ideas!”

    Favorite Quotes from Kishal:

    “kids are super great storyteller”
    “Kids use their creatively, more than adults”
    “when was the last time you saw an adult making a mud pie”
    “Notice things”

    Question for Kishal: How can storytelling change schools for the better?

    Posted by dloitz | September 17, 2011, 5:05 pm
  4. Haile is a young chef who loves to share her passion for cooking with other kids: “My name is Haile Thomas, I am 10 years old. I enjoy riding my bike, swimming, tennis and yoga. I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen with different foods and spices. I began helping in the kitchen when I was five years old, and now I get to share everything I learn at home and from others with kids everywhere through my online cooking show, Kids Can Cook. I am a proud Youth Advisory Board member with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and I’m super excited about my Healthy Girl Adventures Club, which I created and just launched online. When I am not cooking and engaged in physical activities, I enjoy reading, writing short stories and playing dolls with my little sister, Nia.”

    favorite quotes
    “I think learning to cook is the most direct way to a healthy life”
    “After I learned to cook, I never picked up a kids menu again”
    “Our generation is the solution”
    Once you learn to cook, you will no longer tolerate bad food, once you know you can cook better.” ~ Haile

    Question to Hailie,

    How has cooking change the way to approach learning other things?

    Posted by dloitz | September 17, 2011, 5:13 pm
    • Thank you for the Question! I think cooking makes my approach to learning more hands on. For me, getting in the kitchen and mixing up new ingredients and making average recipes extraordinary by adding something new or different is what makes cooking so much fun. I find that when I am learning something new, I learn best by doing a related project in order to make that lesson more enjoyable and memorable.

      Posted by Haile Thomas | September 18, 2011, 7:25 pm
      • I love cooking too, and I share your need for hands on learning and learning by doing. I am going to make some pan seared read snapper tonight with salad and home made french fries. I often tell people, you don’t really know me until you taste my food. How does your cooking express who you are as a person?

        Also what can teachers and schools change education to be more like cooking? and one is one simple thing you think teachers and schools could do to make education more meaningful?

        Also Haile, you have a open invitation to write at the Cooperative Catalyst anytime you feel like it.


        Posted by dloitz | September 18, 2011, 7:48 pm
  5. This fairly well firmed up my belief that we adults should facilitate youth’s basic learning and safety, but otherwise stay out of their way.

    Posted by Brent Snavely | September 17, 2011, 6:43 pm

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