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Blog for IDEC 2012 Week Roundup: Real Education Is…

It’s Blog for IDEC 2012 Week, and each day you’re invited to submit a post on one of the defining values of the conference and what it means to you. Leave a link to your URL in the comments section, and we’ll add it to this post. Check back throughout this week as we update this post with new links. Use the Twitter hashtag #blog4idec.

And don’t forget to register for IDEC before the Early Bird Special ends on November 7!

Tuesday, November 1: Real Education is Human.

Esther Ohito: “Teach for Humanity”
Kirsten Olson: “Real Education is Human”
Zahra Lightway: “What does human education mean?”
Melia Dicker: “Real Education is Human”
Justen Eason: “Real Education is Human”
Jennifer Little: “Real Education is Human…and Empowering…and Uplifting”
Scott Nine: “A list of incredible humans who know what real education looks like”
Josu Uztarroz: “Educación Democrática: por encima de todo humana”

Wednesday, November 2: Real Education is Powerful.

Ammerah Saidi: “Real Education is Powerful”
Melia Dicker: “Real Education is Powerful”
Josu Uztarroz: “Educación Democrática: Poderosa”

Thursday, November 3: Real Education is Relevant.
Josu Uztarroz: “Educación Democrática: Relevante”
Alison Bagg Brink: “Relevant Education”
Adam Burk: “Real Education is Relevant”
Melia Dicker: “Real Education is Relevant”
Katie Stafford Strom: “Real Education Is Relevant: Lessons from Occupy Wall Street”
Shawn Strader: “Real Education is Relevant”
Megan Nesbeth: “Real Education is as Relevant as Buying Milk” 



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