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Something That Needs to Happen (Part 2) : Commencing Operation Drain the Pipeline

Education is the gateway to freedom, prosperity, self determination, happiness and productivity; it’s the driving force behind almost every economy in the world and it’s directly related to the health of a society. When a child is denied an equitable and effective education than he or she is denied a right, a right to be free, able, and independent from the constraints of a society where bigotry still lives strong. Education is supposed to be the powering force behind freeing a child from the constraints of the aforementioned bigotry that effectively shapes the towering walls of America’s damming ghetto’s. When a child is denied the right to learn, to be challenged, to be taught, to teach, and to reach the pinnacle of his or her academic ability then he or she is set on the path to destructivity which ultimately will make him or her a dependent of the American Welfare System, whether it’s through social services or through modern-day slavery tactics that are cemented throughout America’s War on Drugs.

Now, we, especially the bigots, racists, and fascists of our country, like to point out the fact that those who live in America’s ghettos don’t hold legitimate employment. We like to point out the fact that most don’t hold high school diplomas and will never see the inside of a college unless they are mopping its floors for minimum wage. We like to point out that most of these children don’t do well in school, most are in special education and most don’t hold promise. We blame these people for their misfortunes while clinging onto our neither false ideology that America’s public schools are the best thing in the world and that they nor have their workers (teachers, intervention specialists, principals, superintendents, and consolers) have never failed a child. Our cling to our twisted and demented ideology is further cemented through our spiel that our nations academic policy and that policy alone alongside the unjust notion that “those students” are unwilling to learn are the sole benefactors in the reason that “those children” haven’t received an equitable education. However the truth is that its everyone’s faults, it’s no one persons fault, it’s the systems fault for setting up the scenario, it’s the educators faults for playing into the scenario’s, and its peoples faults for letting themselves be shorthanded by a system that has no interest in empowerment through education.

Truth is our system and our twisted ideologies when combined are the sole benefactors of the academic stagnation that the children in America’s segregated ghetto’s face. Bigotry, fascism, racism, and prejudice-ism have never yielded positive outcomes for society of any kind and yet we standby with such ideologies as if this time it will be different. Jailing children over petty crimes and for offences that could be remedied through other means wont empower children to become visionaries, if anything it will encourage them to further disengage. It’s our unwillingness to innovate, troubleshoot, challenge and to free children from the invisible walls of America’s ghettos and failing schools that have children stuck there. We stand by idly and act as soldiers for a system that has no interest in uplifting and empowering children who haven’t been shown what the feeling of promise means just so we can have justification to imprison them within a system of redundancies.

Nevertheless, this whole system of prejudice, preemptive imprisonment, and social and academic stagnation has to stop. If we as nation can come together and protest Wall St. for their greed and self interest than we can come together and protest the pipeline. We can come together and declare war against academic inequality and educational injustice that keeps children confined in the ghettos of our society. It’s time we come together and commence Operation Drain the Pipeline.


2 thoughts on “Something That Needs to Happen (Part 2) : Commencing Operation Drain the Pipeline

  1. I think you correctly identify the system as problematic. While the system is at ‘fault’, so too is each member of society for actively playing the game. The system-versus-individual fault line seems to present an irreconcilable situation – does one first change the ‘chicken’ or the ‘egg’? I think it is neither. Both must be simultaneously changed for anything other than superficial, symbolic shifts to occur.

    A cascading series of personalities and events led everyone to being the ‘who, what, when, where, and why’ of themselves today. No one arrived by himself or herself. No one is entirely responsible for her or his situation. This is an excuse for not doing those things one can to change themselves and those around them. It is an argument against the Myth of Meritocracy, a fundamental American lie, in which one’s hard work and effort will enable one to “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps” – it simply does not work; it never has.

    Americans want salvation of sorts, a silver bullet or a stake through the heart to cure what ails them, and education has been widely touted as having that curative power. It is important but it is not “the” answer. It is merely a weapon in one’s arsenal to combat inequities and will not, by itself, “fix” society because the fixing will require society’s members to give up parts of their status, their property, or both.

    OWS??? How many individuals have their jobs and/or retirement plans bound to stocks traded on Wall Street?? Is it reasonable to expect any significant change to take place?

    The “War on Drugs” is but one of several large-scale mechanisms that maintain the balance of power. The USA learned nothing from Prohibition’s failure. Citizens might do well to read about the pharmakon starting with the years of Plato to more modern times.

    While a disproportionate share of minority group members are incarcerated for drug/narcotics violations, the money that keeps the industry alive comes from those who have the money… Who would suffer the greatest impact if drugs/narcotics were legalized? I suspect droves of middle and upper class individuals would die off like flies. Many others would loose their law enforcement, criminal justice, and prison system jobs…

    Get the most and the best education you can afford. As you continue your battles, know that you have my very best wishes.


    Posted by Brent Snavely | December 28, 2011, 11:04 am
  2. Jabreel, you accurately describe an immense and daunting problem.

    I wonder if the best solution isn’t the formation and demonstration of student union power. I’m thinking here of the Philadelphia Student Union, these Chilean girls, and programs like the Digital Youth Network that I think could offer kids places to walk into if they walk out of school.

    What do you think? Will we get to the place where kids say don’t put me in another reading/math, science/history/test-prep class/school until it matters to me? Until it fulfills more of my needs than it denies?

    All the best,

    Posted by Chad Sansing | December 28, 2011, 9:17 pm

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