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Calling B.S When Confronted with B.S: The Nations Drop out Rate is Proof that American Public Education is failing

In order to uplift a people they need to be educated, emboldened, empowered, and entrusted with a sense of worthiness and purpose. Without one of those six things you have a population of people who can’t rationalize, who can’t revolutionize, who can’t problem-solve, and who can’t embrace innovation. Without one of the six above things you have a people who are crippled, who are powerless and who are voiceless.

However, it’s the first of the above stated things that yields the most importance because it’s the main ingredient that brings all the others together in harmony. It’s rather redundant to expect a people to do any of the others if they lack that main ingredient and that is exactly what’s being done to America’s youth. Our education system no longer works to educate, embolden, empower, or entrust with a sense of worth and purpose. It instead works corrosively to restrain with intellectual constraint, limiting potential and dreams along the way in retaliation for lack of respect and empathy from those who hoist themselves in positions of power of within the very system. This system of  systemic intellectual sabotage  works collectively based on inane ideology, out of touch philosophy and baseless theory that is constructed  around the addiction of “data” and the validity its “evidence” that it presents that inhibits today’s children and tomorrows adults from being free from the societal and economical battlefield they are pushed toward.

Nevertheless, it is this undermining of education that has brought America to its educational crisis, it is this undermining that has contributed to the decline in value of an high school diploma, it is this undermining that has transformed high schools from gateways to success into pipelines to prisons and classrooms into epicenters of despair from centers of greatness, and it is this undermining of education that has essentially turned the American Dream into the American Nightmare. It’s the continuous undermining of education that has me calling bullsh*t, because it’s becoming increasingly impossible to cling to the notion that we are doing just fine academically. We live in an era of education where it’s not uncommon to hear of illiteracy when a child is 15 years old but we have a whole army of educators ready to argue till their faces turn blue that education is better than ever. That’s straight up bullsh*t, it’s not only impossible to do so with dignity  but irresponsible to step out as an educator and with confidence and certainty say everything is just fine. When states like Nevada have 249% (Black, American Indian, Asian, Hispanic) of their minority youth dropping out of high school and a statewide dropout rate of 58% we are in no position to walk around with our chest stuck out and our heads held high as if something positive has been accomplished for this generation and the future ones because we haven’t accomplished anything.

Moreover, this is all irrelevant at the moment, despite all the disturbing and tragic things told above about state of education, it’s irrelevant to those who it’s supposed to be relevant to because it sidesteps the arguments that have the stage now. The fact that we are giving way to arguments that are arbitrary in nature instead of the ones that matter shows a lot, but hey, us children don’t know anything, our frustrations and feelings of hopeless and betrayal are meaningless because we are “too young to understand.”Honestly, at this point, I could care less  if I go to a traditional public, second generation public, or a voucher school, I could care less if someone thinks my teacher is “effective” or “less effective” and educators shouldn’t either. It shouldn’t matter because the end of the day it doesn’t matter to those who hoist themselves in positions of power because all they are going to do is use it to their own advantage. All that should matter at this point is that you can make a difference in a child’s life because this system of intellectual sabotage that is constructed around the addiction of data and evidence is a system that you all nurtured in one fashion or another, and now that it has turned against you in the spirit of greed you all want to play the game of bullsh*t. And that, is bullsh*t.



4 thoughts on “Calling B.S When Confronted with B.S: The Nations Drop out Rate is Proof that American Public Education is failing

  1. Jabreel,

    The dropout and failure rates do seem quite striking. While the numbers pertain to education,

    they may very well find their root causses in cultural, rather than “education” issues. In that regard, if you get the chance you might check out Dr. Beverly Tatum’s 2007 book, “Can We Talk About Race?: And Other Conversations in an Era of School Resegregation”. You may also choose to give thought to whether the rates are tied to a persistent problem that underlyies the entire fabric of U.S. (and probably every other) society — that of the lopsided distribution of ‘wealth’.


    Posted by Brent Snavely | January 21, 2012, 2:39 pm
  2. As someone once pointed out to me. “What if dropping out rates are high because it is a viable path for many?” That sentiment rings true with what you’re saying and places the onus of change on a school system that is handicapped.

    Posted by dillon | March 8, 2012, 7:08 pm


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