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March 1st Day of Action for Education Transformation Blogger March #occupyeduM1

Today all over the country students, educators, parents and community members are taking part in  Day of Action for Education Transformation. There are many ways to support this day of action. One way is to make your voice heard online. Today we will be collecting blog posts and twitter/facebook status message and pictures and posters in support of this day of action for education. Please joins us in a Blogger March, our collective vision and collective voice for real education transformation is important and powerful!

Here are a few ways you can take part:

  • Please join us by making your voice heard at Occupy Education and submitting a picture of why and how you are Occupying Education! 
    • Submit your Occupy Education Pictures here Please share with us your stories of powerful learning in community. Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that highlights a few ways you are transforming education and/or share the countless, unique ways you help to keep democracy alive in public education. If you are a student, tell us what helps you learn best. Tell us what would make learning more meaningful for you. If you are a parent, tell us what kind of learning environment you want for your children. Tell us what schools should be focusing on. Below that, write “I occupy education.” or “I occupy my classroom” If you don’t show your whole face, please show at least part of it. Please have your note be hand written. Please do your best to be concise. Reclaim your voice in education transformation.
    • here are a few examples

  •   Share your voice via a blog post and make public why you Occupy Education!
  • Topic ideas:
    • Reclaiming Our Voice In Education!
    •  Student Voice (why it is important)
    • What kind of learning environment do you want for yourself, your students, or your children?
    • How do you put the public back in Public School?
    • How do we provide space for democracy in the classroom?
    • Is school an environment for democracy?
    • or anything you feel relates to education and the occupy movement? Submit the links here or email them to
    • Please use the hashtag #occupyeduM1
  •  Please Join us at Occupy Education on Tumblr,Facebook and Twitter!
  • Add I occupy education or I march for education…. on your status and keep them up today.
  • Contact your School Board, your Congress person, your local DOE, email Arne Duncan, or others and tell share with them your vision of education transformation.
  • Bring up education at your workplace, or school, or class, or any place your gather today.

As we stand up to rally on the steps of city hall or at the Department of Education, or at school board meetings or state capitals, let us rally for a Transformed education, for a positive vision of learning, for education and learning that matters.

Let’s use our energy and our coming together to OPT IN to what we want our education to look like, and start to collectively move both locally and nationally towards these visions.

What is your positive vision for a transformed education?

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5 thoughts on “March 1st Day of Action for Education Transformation Blogger March #occupyeduM1

  1. My first blog post: “Presidential Lip Service: Ed Reform Then and Now”:

    Posted by Randal Hendee | March 2, 2012, 12:35 am
    • Thanks for sharing this! Great post. If you ever want to write more about education… email us

      Welcome to the Cooperative Catalyst Community!

      Please also feel free to comment on other posts!


      Posted by dloitz | March 3, 2012, 3:43 pm
  2. “I occupy Education because I believe and feel that only through restructuring the entire foundation( meaning and reasons) for education, we peoples and children of the world will steer from our present path of never ending global crisis issues and be able to reach mutual sustainability & true peace!”

    Thank you for a great post! Wish I had more time for this 1 of my most favorite sites!

    Posted by ruth avraham | March 10, 2012, 9:50 am


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