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Tear Down That Wall

Walls. We are surrounded by them in our schools. Usually a dull beige or institutional grey; they divide us from our colleagues, administrators, community, and sometimes even our students. They also serve as a phenomenal metaphor for the state of education in this country. How many people actually know what goes on in the educational factories … Continue reading

The Power of Blogging and Social Media for Educators

For more visit I’m sure this topic has been explored to some extent, but I’d like to add my perspective. I’ll attempt to work towards a concise explanation, but I surely won’t arrive there on the first attempt. I’ve digressed before beginning. Beginning. My initial purpose for beginning my blog,, was simply as … Continue reading

Project 10,000: The White Paper

In my last post, I talked about an idea for implementing student choice and project-based learning in a traditional school with few resources required. I’ve finished writing a white paper detailing exactly why this would work and a model for implementation. The entire paper is seven pages long, so I’m not going to post the … Continue reading