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Educating and being educated.

We are approaching the horizon of a national crisis that is being ignored, blanketed in dissolution of hopes that it will be one of those “work itself out” issues like we hoped with the 2000’s financial meltdown. Our feelings about this crisis are the same as they were in that crisis because the same lack of competence that led up to those events is the same lack of the competence responsible for this disaster. We approaching the horizon of these events of catastrophic failure due in part to the systemic disenabling of regulations, protections, policies, and procedures that have kept incompetence abyss in a system that thrived on a steady supply of competent adults and equally competent children.

We have in the absence of competence and assiduousness only now began to realize that we have created a national crisis that never before existed and in the process of creating such crisis failed to draft any emergent response or prepare for any repercussions that may follow. However, the issue is that we have waited far too long to even think about preparing such plan for drafting because we are already feeling the effects of the disaster we have created. We stood by idly for too long in favor of allocating thousands of millions of dollars at a problem and then pushing it on the bottom of our agendas in the reckless and erroneous hope that this problem was like all the other problems before them that were caused in part by deregulation and incompetence and that since they were similar in nature they would play out accordingly.

However, with alarms bells sounded and broken, first responders placed in intentionally disorganized matters, and resources being directed to redirection in favor political and monetary favors we have chosen to ignore the issues that lay ahead for tomorrow and the days that will proceed. We have chosen to remain silent to the call for action and in turn blame everyone but those truly responsible because it goes against political self interests and misplaced loyalties. It seems that we have become so dishearteningly cold to the mission, to the goal, to the pursuit, to the hope of educating that we have opted to become disloyal to those who have always been loyal to the premise of a promised equitable and equal education. It seems that in our pursuit for erroneous personal opulence, in our pursuit of de-gratifying self gratification, and in our pursuit to further our displaced ideologies that we, as a nation, as a people in whole, failed to ask the questions that mattered. It seems that in our misplaced pursuit we have failed to ask the question that if we don’t educate those who aspire and inspire and who dream today, tomorrow, or in the days that will follow who will educate those who will aspire and who dream tomorrow, the day after, and the day after.


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