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Time to Speak

“We are all here for a reason on a particular path; you don’t need a curriculum to know you are apart of the math”- J.Ivy

System: a scheme of ideas or principles by which something is organized, a method or set of procedures for achieving something. Abandon: to leave somebody or something for others to look after, especially somebody or something to meant to be a personal responsibility. Failure: A breakdown or decline in the performance of something, or an occasion when something stops performing adequately; War: a serious struggle, argument, or conflict between people.

Each of these definitions vividly describes a state in which a system has drifted drastically from its said mission to a point in which it has abandoned those it is suppose to serve. Thus failing to uplift, empower, and embolden them, which has led to a struggle in which those who feel that the system has done a disservice to them to speak out and act in opposition. Each of these definitions is what makes the public education system of America; disturbing is it not?

The public education system, a system in which there are 49.3 million students, is a system that has taken on a path that has led to a frenzy of practices that has created a well-entrenched system of visible sense of betrayal, aversion, self-indulgence, malfunction, repression, and censorship. The system has taken on a path of chronic malfunction that has done away with educating with social justness and in favor of a path that creates an environment where students must fend for themselves thus ensuring that every student catches the hard shoulder in one way or another.

This chronic malfunction has created a state in which a sense of struggle amongst the most underserved populations in public education remains unchallenged. This chronic malfunction and its sheltered reliance on arrogance, betrayal, and abandonment have created a state in which children have become an afterthought of actions. This chronic malfunction has created a state of academic emergency in which children are dealt wrongs which educators with badges blame educators. It is this chronic malfunction that is responsible for the untimely, catastrophic, and unjust leaving behind of students in a time where they found themselves most vulnerable.

This ongoing state of chronic malfunction, abandonment, failure, self-indulgence, repression, and censorship has created a system in which acts of social and academic injustice receive consent to run rampant without any recourse. This ongoing state is responsible for the result of continued refusal to hear, adjust, accommodate, or understand the growing and changing population that makes the national student body.

This ongoing refusal has created this as a result: Four out of five, that is how many young Black males, are under arrest before they reach the age of 18 for non-violent crime. One out of 6…that is how many young Latino men are under arrest for non-violent crime before age 18. Forty percent, that is how many young Black and Latino men receive expulsions from school each school year. Three and a half, that is how many more times a Black or Latino male is likely to receive suspension from school. Two, that is how many more times a Black or Latino male, is likely to drop out of high school. Thirty-Four, that is how many cases the SLPC challenges on behalf of youth in schools, Twenty-five percent, or 1.3 million youth students drop out each school year. Eleven percent, that is how many young black males are proficient in mathematics by the 12th grade. Two thousand one hundred and seventy six, the number of children aged 15 arrested on Chicago Public School property in the 2002-2003 school years. Five thousand two hundred, the number of School Safety Officers in NYC Public Schools; thirty six percent, that’s how many public schools out of one thousand seven hundred school buildings that are without adequate air conditioning. $43,202, what an average teacher in Florida brings home each year. $550,000, the amount of money it took to betray the trust of educators.

Nevertheless, the time has come to address this ongoing, never-ending repulsive system in which censorship, failure, self-indulgence, arrogance, betrayal, struggle, and angst has become the unwanted but chosen path. The time has come where we must no longer tolerate a system that places shackles upon dreams and hope. The time has come to use your voice, to organize, and to act against a system in which too many children that have not or cannot use their voice get the hard shoulder. Now is the time to speak and to act because we cannot let the result of the ongoing hindering actions of the public education systems new path become the precedent for tomorrow’s youth.

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One thought on “Time to Speak

  1. Jabreel,

    I am not so sure your post has as much to do with education as it does with society as a whole, and having said that I realize your post is entirely about “education”. I am apart of (and from) the math as well as a part of (and from) the math, and a curriculum governs them all.

    Youths, Beware the:

    Intent behind the curriculum (it lies hidden deep within societal “truths”): Throughout the brief (written) history of mankind, one or more societal truths have turned out to be entirely erroneous.

    Compulsory gift (and the encoded messages) of public education: A return exchange of value is expected.

    Sound-bite that sounds too good to be true: “Truthy” phrases do not expose the context from which they have been conjured.

    Teachers, Beware the:

    Class clowns and disruptors: They expose your greatest weaknesses (and your greatest strengths).

    Authority of position power: “Standing” to teach may have been built on a foundation of mud.

    Existent dyadic power structures: Students and teachers are bound to, and serve, the same system.

    Adults, Beware the:

    Desire to assure continuation of your comforts through replication: Your youths are not you.

    Discomfiting circumstances of your lives: Is there a reason niggling doubts and fears keep you awake at night?

    Assumption you “know what is best” for youths: You may be living half-baked dreams of those you inherited them from.

    There are school buildings and education systems, and then there are School buildings and Education systems – all involve curricular lessons and learning.

    Best wishes,

    Posted by Brent Snavely | July 18, 2012, 9:57 am

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