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Students are banding together to enhance their voice in policy discussions nationwide. Students everywhere are eager to join the conversation, especially regarding the future of their education system. Now is the time for our voice – the Student Voice – to be heard.

That’s the theory behind the new site and blog project A place for students to join their voices as one and let their thoughts be heard.

Join us as we begin our efforts by encouraging Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York State to add students to the New York Education Reform Commission. That’s just a start- we hope to expand the presence of students as far as possible., our blog site, officially launches on July 31, as a place to chronicle all of our work on unleashing the powerful student voice. Student Voice is a movement of students connecting the leaders of tomorrow and giving them a voice today.

Contact us at to learn more and get involved.
Join us. Tweet it (@stu_voice, #stuvoice). Share it. Like it (Student Voice on Facebook). Spread it. Empower the Student Voice!


One thought on “#stuvoice

  1. What a great idea! I’ve had the pleasure of working with students in the processes of school strategic planning and WASC accreditation. Hugely insightful. I hope that “powers that be” are wise enough to listen/read.

    Posted by Janet Abercrombie | July 23, 2012, 10:08 pm

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