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Enslaved to the Enslaved by the Enslaving.

Is the school the source of the feeling of perpetual entrapment that the youth claim to feel? Is the number 2 pencil the slave master for the children, the ones doped up on Adderall and Ritalin, and removed from society so that they can tend to the slave masters distant cousin, the standardized assessment? Are the children the sheep in a corporatist panacea of reform? Are the teachers the herders, unknowingly herding the children of tomorrow into a field of misplacement and twisted ideology? Are the teachers just slaves themselves, slaves owned by those who have never stepped foot inside of a classroom in any capacity of an educator? Is that how it functions now, having the slave masters become so comfortable that they let educated slaves guide their impressionable ones?

It’s a shame really, our nations public schools becoming hijacked by those selling a fantasy where the teachers are the villains and Wall St. is the saint, that not only knows what is best for themselves, but shockingly for the children. Some fantasy, where the nations’ most aware are “too aware” and consequently are a threat to what the saints have forcefully spoon-fed society as a “quality educational system.” Some fantasy where the most aware must become less aware, where the awakening must reside away from the place of  worship and enslavement, where awareness is a weapon, a weapon so powerful that the saints’ educated slaves must subject the present minded impressionable to punishment.

However, the shame is not the danger here, it is the problem, but it is not the danger. The danger is that those who were once awake are soundly asleep, letting the saints push mind-altering chemicals down the throats of the impressionable so that they can began enduring the tenure as a slave to the slave masters. The danger here, is that the once awake have become so submissive that they allow for  the slave masters educated slaves to subject the impressionable to punishments that are beyond repulsive, as if they are doing society any just action by subjecting the nonconformists to suspensions, isolation rooms, arrests, and expulsions. The danger here is that the cycle has grown in endurance to the point where it is unbearably strong, so strong that it threatens to put to sleep those who are silently awake. These dangers are the ultimate dangers that reside within the realm of a national threat to security, because they allow the masses to become uneducated and unbound by the duty to act against the oppression that will silence them and their impressionable.

Nevertheless, as the enslaved continue to have their minds reside in a state of perpetual incarceration, where it is chained to the anxieties of testing and undue expectation, unable to wonder and enjoy the pleasures of the powers it possess, we invoke a system of anti-intellectualism, where the mind has no ensuring application. We allow for a regime where the impressionable become married to their GPA’s, their SAT’s and their ACT scores as if those disparaging numerals display the true, untapped, capacities of their beautiful minds. A regime where the inducers of despair and anxiety sell tales that put fear and restlessness into the minds of the impressionable who just want to avoid the ghettos that they fear they will reside if they fail to tend to their overvalued numbers that show abundant disgrace to their undervalued minds.


5 thoughts on “Enslaved to the Enslaved by the Enslaving.

  1. Great, passionate post. You’re on the pulse of what its like on the ground of an education system the ‘higher ups’ may not be able to make out from all the way above in wherever ‘higher up’ is.

    Posted by bernardtullassa | November 27, 2012, 12:27 pm
  2. Dude this is a masterpiece. I sure wish this was an essay I had written. Such a great use of words!

    Posted by Jonathan Rashad Carlisle | November 27, 2012, 11:01 pm
  3. I’m with Jonathan.

    I hope we can move as quickly as possible to education based on learning and problem-solving in response to genuine human needs (including those for creative expression).

    How do we help “wake” more people? How do we help them team up in communities and schools?

    Best regards,

    Posted by Chad Sansing | November 29, 2012, 8:13 pm

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