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The Alternatives to Compulsory Education

I’ve been meeting with people over the past two years trying to find ways to connect and expand our different points of view about learning without compulsory institutions. Kirsten Olson, one of the founders of Cooperative Catalyst, was one of the people I reached out to, which is how I became part of this group. Now I want to share our first attempt to publicly unite these alternatives into a recognizable community: The Alternatives to Compulsory Education Conference.

From the conference website:

“Conference is an opportunity to hear new ideas, share resources, but most of all to develop a community among those who are interested in ways to promote education to everyone interested in learning without the involvement of compulsory institutions. It is hoped that attendees will actively engage in supporting other individuals and organizations through a process of transparency whereby best practices can be shared and the viability of educating without compulsory schools will be firmly entrenched and legitimized. Organizations are encouraged to bring brochures as well as flyers about their upcoming events for distribution. Everyone is encouraged to network. The event is free and open to the public.”

The speakers for the event are: Dr. Peter Gray (author of Free To Learn and a Sudbury school advocate), Patrick Farenga (author of Teach Your Own and a homeschooling/unschooling advocate), Cevin Soling (filmmaker, The War on Kids), and Peter Bergson (founder, Open Connections learning center in PA).

I hope you’ll share this information and come to the event if you’re near. If not, send me a few sentences and a URL about a group or organization you know that supports alternatives to compulsory education and I’ll include it as a free listing in our event program.



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