I spent a year working with Khon Kaen Education Initiative, an alternative education program in Northeastern Thailand. I have a B.A. in Communication with an emphasis in video production. My main interests is documentary film making.
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My Global Life, Our Global Living

In four short months, I learned more than I had in the rest of my educational career.  And it wasn’t that the rest of my education wasn’t valuable, but that those 4 months were able to open doors to me that fundamentally changed who I was as a person. In 2008, I flew to Thailand … Continue reading

I Dream of A System

I dream of a system where “public school” is not a dirty word.  A system that I would willingly allow my future children to enter, without worry.  Where good education isn’t equivalent with the depth of your pocket.  A place where the value of education is recognized and funded accordingly. I dream of an environment … Continue reading

Taking Education for Granted

I remember the moment that I fell in love with my host father. I had been working with the Land Reform Community for a couple of weeks at this point.  It was the project period for my globalization and development program in Thailand, and I had decided to work with a community of scavengers.  Working … Continue reading

Definitions of an Educator

My experience in the realm of education has lead me to the discovery that I cannot be a teacher.  I don’t feel comfortable in front of a classroom full of young people for long periods of time.  I’m not always able to think on my feet and always seem to have the best ideas only … Continue reading

College, Passion, and the Afterlife

I’ve always been good at things.  I’ve always been in the top of my class.  Even in elementary school, I fill my afternoons with extra curricular activities.  I’m logical.  I’m creative.   But, mostly importantly, I’m passionate.  I have a huge space inside of myself that feels it can only be filled through a combination of … Continue reading

A Question of Failure

Before this last year, I’d never really worked in education.  There was a brief stint volunteering in a 4th grade class, but other than that all my experience in the realm of education came from the 17 years I spent learning in it.  In college, I studied Communication with a focus on documentary filmmaking.  But, … Continue reading

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