During her 17 years with Summa, Amber has taught Natural Learning Relationships to hundreds of parents, led dozens of school groups in ropes course experiences, brought children from the inner city to the outdoors, and planned and executed Summa’s programs for families, Teachers, and children. She is now Executive Director and she lives in Portland with her husband and two daughters (Ruby 5 and Naomi 2).
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Am I an activist?

Am I an activist? People keep asking me this question. And so I ask, what is an activist? It seems to me that an activist has two lives; an internal life full of self inquiry, study of the world and reformation of process; and an external life in which the internal life is given to … Continue reading

The decline of thinking outside the box

While IQ scores are indisputably on the rise, American creativity levels are bottoming out. Analysis of the results of the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking suggests that the creative abilities of American children have been spiraling downward for almost 20 years. The Torrance tests analyze young children’s ability to come up with original ideas and … Continue reading


I came across a new term today: co-curricular, well new to me. Now as my husband will attest, I make up words all the time. It is part humor, part just how I think and partly that I am just the world’s worst speller. So when I first read this term, I immediately thought, oh … Continue reading

Building Bridges

I have been thinking a lot about what it means to lead. As an Executive Director I am always asking myself what am I trying to do? What do I want to inspire and how do I do that? Recently having attended two education conferences, the NW Holistic Education Conference on Orcas Island at Salmonberry … Continue reading

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