Aaron Eden

Aaron is Director Entrepreneurial Enterprise Programmes at Green School in Bali, Indonesia. Aaron believes that evolution occurs through mutation and iteration, and this is true of learning people and learning organizations. He strives to co-create the necessary conditions and networks for rapid-prototyping of ideas, exploration, and growth in individuals, in classrooms, and in communities. Aaron is also a TEDx event organizer.
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Teaching without Knowing, and Finding Problems to Solve

(Originally posted on the Edunautics blog) I’ve already written about one of the key paradigm shifts that I think needs to happen in education: education needs to be real. See “Online Education is not the Disruption.” Now for two more. We want our students to become expert learners, right? Well, how are we going to get … Continue reading

Online Education is Not the Disruption

Originally posted on the Edunautics blog I recently returned from the first ever Online Education Symposium for Independent Schools (OESES) conference in Southern California. Overall a pretty good conference, and on a topic that all schools need to be looking at seriously as they plan for the future. While I am interested in the topic … Continue reading

Socrates Was Wrong

Socrates was wrong? I don’t believe that necessarily, but read on and you’ll see why I wrote it (on top of shooting for a subject line controversial enough to increase the open rate of my post :-) I attended a workshop this summer at the Right Question Institute in Boston. We spent two days working … Continue reading

Teaching: Art or Science?

It was posited to me recently that an internal professional development system for teachers designed to foster discussion about teaching and learning fits within the “teaching-as-intellectual-pursuit” model (“science” for short here), as opposed to the “teaching as art” model. To this person’s credit, this suggestion was more a musing than a statement of fact, but … Continue reading


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