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A construct of upbringing and society, holder of a BS. JD and an MA, I have practiced law more than 25 years. "The Truth shall set you free", but only if it is a Personal Truth that is based upon facts. Parrhesia may be humankind's only hope (see,
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The Curve (II)

9 When the Teacher mentioned the @o_0Phil0_os, the Compliance Officer experienced a brief chill and had a slight involuntary shiver. Making a mental note to give this bodily manifestation further thought later on, the CO acted as if nothing had happened and the hearing continued to run its course. The Teacher received all the process … Continue reading

Economics 101: Dark Times on Wall Street (and Chemical Alleys)

Through various history lessons we know of the effects that Wall Street has upon our lives. The Black Tuesday that heralded The Great Depression, Wall Street’s Black Monday of 1986 and the Flash Crash of 2010, make it seem that economic circumstances are entirely dependent upon what takes place on a street in New York … Continue reading

Those kids should be in school!

They should be in school, but are instead out taking a walk. Seven of them started and now, ages ranging from 11 to 21,  there are 26 of them.  Truants! They should be in school — that is, a “normal” students-in-a-box a school where they can be kept safe from undue influences. Instead, they are … Continue reading

The Language and Lies Two-Step of Education: The Lie Module

“We the educated” are liars. lie: (verb) (1) to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive (2) to create a false or misleading impression. “It’s not our fault” – we were led to believe from our earliest years that one must attend school to receive an education. We were led to believe “education” leads … Continue reading

I Am (not) Adam Swartz

Being primarily raised in the US of A by Americans, I learned about property ownership at an early age. The lessons taught me about ownership were frequently buried within the concept of “sharing”, which seems contrary to the purpose of owning anything since claiming ownership is to assert dominion and control over a thing, and … Continue reading

What if:

The most significant result of “teaching” is the teacher learning far more than students? Students learn not by what, how, when or why one might teach them, but by and through the processes they follow in formulating answers to questions posed to them? All the adults who learned within the constraints of a system involving … Continue reading

It happened so fast that I am uncertain if I saw what I think I saw…

I began winding-up to comment on a post and a response. I was going to take a third-look before putting pen-to-paper (or keyboard to bytes) but no electronic traces were left… I dont’ know if it was self or other-censored — it really doesn’t matter. A while back I authored a long-winded post suggesting that, … Continue reading

“Bad Teachers” and the (Manufactured) Education Crisis

Nancy Flanagan’s reflections on a particular school board’s actions (Notorious P.H.D.) prompted me to write this one. I categorized it under “Fiction” because it seems surreal. I am certain there have been, and are, “bad teachers” (just as there are “bad” doctors, lawyers, business persons, assembly line workers, etc.), but given the trend shown below would … Continue reading

A Standardized Composition Test

We know bubble sheets are unrelated to “real life”. I think we made the “education thing” up by constructing much nonsense about the written word being the supreme method of sharing ideas and information. I think we have forgotten that sharing experiences and doing things together are matters that (1) allow us to learn and … Continue reading

Of Education, Learning, School and the School of Life

After spending (much too much) time with the written words of such ilk as Plato, William James, C.S. Lewis, Focault, Derrida and others,  I decided to attend a one and one-half week seminar at an ‘alternative ed’ school — I went camping with the Indians. They have been running their school for many generations. In a manner … Continue reading

No does mean “NO”

I visited a web site about a New York education conference at which individuals joined “a leading author and architect of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), David Coleman, to understand how the Core Standards for College and Career Readiness build on the work New York State has done in developing a standards-based system and … Continue reading

The Education Hunger Game: School as Cornucopia

With all the hype about the movie in the back of my mind, I read the book Hunger Games last weekend. There are many ways to interpret the material, whether in a broad or more narrow context; for whatever the reason, education came to my mind. Does the font of wisdom operate to keep the colonized … Continue reading

Have you been pilloried lately?

In case the public display of teachers’ “performance” in New York slipped you by, here is a great picture of it:

The books aren’t banned, they’re just unavailable

Tucson’s Unified School District, not wanting to lose state funding, removed certain writings from being readily available to students. Is it the money, or is it something else? Beneath the stated reason, is there a fear-driven motive? Is there a subconscious recognition that culture and “performance” are, in fact, linked, and that allowing “other” stories to be told and … Continue reading


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