DEN Star Educator, NTTI Master Teacher, Director of Educational Technology and Professional Development, former HS math teacher, avid RVer, baseball fan. ____________________________________________________ Becky received a BA and MAT in Physics from the University of Virginia while working as a FORTRAN programmer for the University's Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics. After assisting in an NSF-funded summer institute for Physics teachers, she committed to a career in public education. Over two decades later, she has been a classroom teacher, instructional technology specialist, and central office leader working diligently to change the landscape of public education by ensuring choices are made as close to the learner as possible!
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Toilet Paper and (Instructional) Tolerance

This post was co-authored by @BeckyFisher73 and @ELeclere01.  So, which do you prefer – over or under?  Just how did that preference come about?  Is it really a personal preference or is it something you learned to prefer because of a significant other?  What do you do when you enter into a bathroom where the … Continue reading

Today’s High School Kids

This is cross posted from with the addition of the image. I had the great fortune to be at Educon 2.4 in Philly last weekend.  Let me go on record AGAIN that the Science Leadership Academy kids are awesome!  I spent the day with some of the most awesome kids on the planet.  They were running a conference for … Continue reading

Focus – a book written by Mike Schmoker

A few of us on Twitter started talking about the newest ASCD member book Focus and decided to start a Twitter book group.  You can read more about this and find out how to participate at

Connected Teaching Builds New Competencies and Expertise

When I started thinking about this post, I was kicking around the question “Can one be a ‘digital age teacher’ if s/he is not a ‘digital age learner’ first?”  Then, thinking of the shift from teaching to learning, I rephrased it to “Can a teacher support ‘digital age learning’ if s/he is not a ‘digital … Continue reading

It’s Not The Numbers That Will Change Schools: Principles for Principals

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” Albert Einstein Just imagine you are a school principal and you attend a meeting with the superintendent and other principals across your district.  You learn from the “accountability person” that a KPI (key performance indicator) for your district … Continue reading

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