A 27 year old Master of Arts in Education Degree holder from the progressive, liberal arts school, Goddard College. I am interested in Holistic, Community, Progressive, Democratic and Student-Centered Education. I am currently a part-time employee with the Boy Scouts of America. I am writing my first book on holistic education and looking for full time employment in education, throughout the United States and Canada. I am interested in all things education and hope to make trans-formative changes to the educational system(s) in America and in the process help to improve the lives of the individuals in whom it serves.
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The Collective Individual

On this blustery cold day in the Pacific Northwest, I sit, ready to contemplate education and learning.  Not just any type of education and learning, but the progressive nature of learning.  The collective individuality that encompasses progressive education is at the heart of learning and infuses the new ideas and experiences necessary to grow as … Continue reading

No Apologies or Apologists Necessary: How we all are Superman

However, we have no need for apologies for our approach, to stand firm in it, to be courageous, confident and willing to obtain objects regardless of others judgments or lack of faith. Neither should we rely, associate or join in some sort of an apologist’s behavior that zaps responsibility away from each of us. Continue reading

How uniformity killed the education system…

We are filled in the world with differences, why make them one specific way, instead of the celebration those differences? It would be hard-pressed for any teacher, or counselor, or even principal, I imagine, to say that students are uniformly the same, so why do we force them into a system that is rigid and restricting? Continue reading

No Risk, No Reward: How Public Education MUST unlearn its own fear

Where does learning come from in education, by routine or through innovation? Risk everything. Risk your job, Risk your career, risk the system as a whole. Radically transform it, so that it works for learning.
Continue reading

Why field trips matter…and why they should matter more

It is not enough, only to bring back the occasional field trips into the middle and high schools, but rather, make experiential learning, so important that the notion of field trips are not recognized as a specialized or segmented part of the curriculum. Continue reading

Ageism in Media: Sudden Surprise at Educational Achievments

Why are we classifying age around when learning is complete or can happen? It is praised, to an extent, in the media, but it continues to be viewed as something rare or unique. While the numbers of the individuals might indeed be rare or unique, the connection between learning and the individual should not be, regardless of any age. Continue reading

Privileged Reflections: Recognition of Past and Future

I am, if not completely economically, at least socially, spiritually and emotionally as privileged as it gets. But its not as odd for me to be fighting for injustice, oppression, progressive ideals and democratic education as this breakdown, categorized listing of my character might presumably assume. Continue reading

Promote Reform and Yourself Without Censorship…

It is far easier to follow the crowd, then to be the leader of the revolution. We must make educational reformation an emergency for this nation, for the world. Continue reading

Do What We Can, When We Can, While We Can…

Often times we believe we either, have to focus on our optimism or recognize the realism in our lives, while it is my contention, that if we do one or the other, we do not follow or solve either. Continue reading

The Economic Downturn an Upturn for Learning?

These economic disadvantages do not stop the learning from happening, they do not stop innovation from thriving…in fact, the simplicity seems to enhance the thinking and limit the distractions. Continue reading

Learning and Education Play Polar Opposite Roles in a Democracy

In a seminar discussion at Goddard College last summer, the idea of the role of education in a democracy came up as a topic.  Specifically, the verses idea between the public and private sector began a lively discussion among the progressive educators and facilitator in the room.  The question was raised, does the public education … Continue reading

An Introduction to myself…

I feel very excited to be a part of an active group, which strives to rely on one another for alliedship, cooperation, serious educational discussions, and as a transformational environment for new, cutting edge educational praxis. Continue reading

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