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To Secretary Duncan

While I am grateful that Secretary Duncan and his officers engaged with #blog4reform yesterday, I’d like to take a moment to challenge his characterization of what it was really all about. On the blog, Secretary Duncan said: Today’s conversation has focused on many issues that I think we can all agree on: We need … Continue reading

“Beep beep doot doot doot.”

When I fly, I like to look out the window. I look for schools. They are easy to find. They all look the same. You can tell secondary schools from elementary ones because of the their running tracks and football fields. Elementary schools only have baseball fields. The collector in me loves this. Flying over … Continue reading

Decanting Superman

Earlier this week I watched Waiting for Superman in a mostly empty theater. While it would have been great if the movie took a broader view of the diverse efforts and theories of reformers past and present, I did not leave upset at Guggenheim or any of the reformers in the film. I was crying … Continue reading

There is no boss.

I got to participate in some beautiful and difficult conversations in and around Albemarle County’s 2010 Making Connections conference today (#acpsmc2010). Each conversation, in its own way, was about the disjunct between what we’re asked to do and what we’re asked to do. Mary Beth asked, “Who’s the boss?” I suspect that there is no … Continue reading

Learn or be taught

[Author’s note: I don’t cross-post often; I certainly don’t cross-post lightly. However, I thought this post from would be of interest to the communities of both sites. Cheers, C] “…we are attempting to operate our society on obsolete code…. They are completely inappropriate to what it is we want to get done.” – Douglas … Continue reading

5 questions about everything

1. Why don’t schools accept music performance as evidence of students’ math achievement? What’s to stop you from saying a competent cover of The Joker earns some kid a B in coordinate graphing across multiple x-axes, counting by fractions, and calculating sums using functions all at the same time? Can you do that? Isn’t that … Continue reading

The toll

David suggested I write about charter schools. The best I can offer right now is an ambivalent primer. While I defend charter schools from attack on principle, I don’t promote them as any kind of one-size-fits-all fix for public education. Rather, the value of charter schools lies in their diversity and flexibility to address the … Continue reading

There art thou happy (or Rheeturn to me?)

Chad Ratliff (@chadratliff) and Jerrid Kruse (@jerridkruse) exchanged tweets over the role of business in education. I caught this part of their conversation: I don’t think public education should be paying vendors for the privilege of play-testing new and improved books and programs that further entrench seat-work and other levers and measures of student compliance. … Continue reading

Hi, Teaching Ambassador Fellows. It’s me, Chad.

David (@dloitz)suggested that Coöp write towards this post and call from the USDOE’s Teaching Ambassador Fellows (TAF). The Fellows have asked teachers, “What is the biggest challenge in education today?” The biggest challenge in education today is its myopia and disregard for real-world problem-solving as concretized in our collective and sometimes willful lack of imagination … Continue reading

Teacher buy-in to parent vision

While revisiting the chat channel for our first ever Coöp Unconference on Junto, I thought a lot about this exchange. Shelly Terrell: i think expanding the PLN to include more than educators is a good idea monika David Loitz: ignore the top….just start moving forward from the bottom adam: me too Joe Bower: teachers have … Continue reading

Render Unto Scalability: Here Come the Trust Machines

Is scaling up a matter of philosophy or ritual? Of belief or benediction? Of action or intercession? Does #edreform really have one edge instead of many sides? Many sides that make one edge? Are we on a loop, as well as in a box? Just because both close, is there really no way out? Is … Continue reading

The Dark Singularity

I love science fiction. I am insanely jealous of its authors and characters because they get to spend most of their time in the future. I wish I could live to see much of what has been imagined come to life – and to see much of what we’ve done to ourselves and the world … Continue reading

“I’m going to be as forthcoming as I can be, Mr. Anderson.”

Forget prison; school is the Matrix. When you look at a kid, what do you see? A genius? A business person? An artist? A leader? Someone to lift up? Someone who lifts you? Someone to limit? Someone to control? Someone you love? Someone who fills you with dread? Someone who could be doing so much … Continue reading

Taking on Teacher Leadership

Please open a tab and

Return on Investment

A few weeks ago, I ran across Educators for Excellence (@Ed4Excellence) and their online campaign to give teachers “an independent voice in the debate surrounding education reform.” This morning I read “Klein Meets With Hired Thugs” on NYC Educator. NYC Educator takes on Educators for Excellence over their funding: [A Gotham Schools article’s] “clarification” explained … Continue reading

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