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#blog4nwp – A win-win learning experience

This #blog4nwp guest post comes from Patsy Pipkin. I am a retired teacher and a University of Mississippi Writing Project TC. And I will forever sing its praises. Writing project teachers help their students and people in their community when they come to them for help with content, coherence, and unity in writing. Although I … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – This is one program that you should support!

Ray Palasz shares his #blog4nwp post with the Coöp. We certainly face tough economic times despite the fact that unemployment is starting to slowly fall and fewer people are collecting benefits. Our national government faces billions of dollars of debt that needs to be reconciled. Once such way to do this is to eliminate earmarks. … Continue reading

The NWP is a great hope for human growth

The Coöp thanks Tim Buchanan for this #blog4nwp guest post. I just spent a week in Mexico. I read curriculum whenever reading time popped up. Thanks to the National Writing Project (NWP) and a study group of Teacher Consultants (TC) I was into a fascinating book, Hidden Gems, which steers us towards a new focus … Continue reading

NWP keeps my love of teaching alive and well

Julie Jee contributes this #blog4nwp guest post. It is highly alarming to see that funding for the National Writing Project (NWP) has been cut at a time when teacher excellence is being sought throughout the country. The NWP has given me the opportunity to find my professional voice among incredible educators who are passionate about … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – Invigorating and life-changing

Ann Hovey shares her letter to Congress with the Coöp as a#blog4nwp post. I am writing to urge Congress to restore funding to the National Writing Project, a program that has been funded since 1991. Please reconsider and do what is right for the children in this country. I have been teaching for ten years. … Continue reading

Don’t let the National Writing Project be a casualty

Rebecca Burdett shares her letter to President Obama and Congress with us as her #blog4nwp post. Dear President Obama, and Members of the U.S. House and Senate, I am writing to you today from my first grade classroom in the New Paltz Central School District, in New Paltz, NY. I am taking time today to … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – An invaluable partner

Christine McCartney contributes this letter to Congress and #blog4nwp post. I am writing as a teacher-consultant at the Hudson Valley Writing Project at the State University at New Paltz, where for three years I have participated in and facilitated professional development activities for teachers that have improved student performance and writing skills as well as … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – The camaraderie of writers

Lisa Koen shares her #blog4nwp post with the Coöp. National Writing Project was and is one of the best professional experiences that I have ever had. I am a kindergarten teacher and I was able to take subjects such as poetry and Shakespeare back to my classroom for my students to appreciate. The camaraderie of … Continue reading

NWP opens doors

Kathleen Gorney submits this #blog4nwp post. This response regards the outstanding development of my students in the writing process. Since being involved in the Puget Sound Writing Project, I have been able to assist students delve deeper into their writing abilities. They have grown in their confidence as writers and have more ownership of the … Continue reading

Thank you, NWP

Linda Bieber shares this #blog4nwp post with the Coöp. I was privileged to be a part of the NWP’s CSUN summer 2010 program. Besides the obvious perks to the program (an awesome archive of tried and true lessons developed by teachers I can aspire to become only a shadow of one day,) I found the … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – Endless benefits

This #blog4nwp guest post comes from Amy Van Zanten. I am writing to implore you to restore funding to the National Writing Project, a program that has been funded since 1991. I have been part of the Hudson Valley Writing Project since 2009. It is an incredible program that consists of dedicated individuals. It is … Continue reading

The National Writing Project makes better teachers

Laura Lennox Ifill contributes this #blog4nwp post to the Coöp. I participated in the Hudson Valley Writing Project during the summer of 2010 and was devastated to hear that the funding for the Project would be cut. Participation in this group of collaborative teachers has been the most beneficial professional experience of my teaching career. … Continue reading

I would be heartbroken to lose the writing project

Kim Ellis shares this #blog4nwp post with the Coöp. My attendance at the HVWP Summer Institute of 2003 literally changed the direction of my life, both personally and professionally. The events springing from that summer are so numerous that I will offer them in a list: I became a member of HVWP’s ESL study team, … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – Students, schools, and education working together

Pamela Ugor contributes this #blog4nwp post. I am writing in regards to the recent decision that was made to cut funding for the National Writing Project for this upcoming year. I am a graduate student at the State University at Suny New Paltz, New York, and I am currently studying to become a secondary level … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – I know of no other program that works so well

Sue Books contributes this #blog4nwp post I am writing to urge Congress to restore funding to the National Writing Project — an outstanding professional development program for teachers with a solid track record of improving writing instruction across the K-12 curriculum. The National Writing Project has been funded since 1991, but now, sadly, has been … Continue reading

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