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#blog4nwp – What more could you want?

Yvonne Holland contributes this #blog4nwp guest post. The National Writing Project does exactly what we what from professional development for teachers. It engages, supports, challenges and facilitates deep inquiry into our own best practices. Afterward, teachers leave with tools to increase our effectiveness with students in the classroom. I have been public school teacher for … Continue reading

The National Writing Project is a revolution

Guest blogger Art Peterson contributes this #blog4nwp post to the Coöp. Recently, Paul E. Peterson, writing on the Hoover Institution’s EdNext blog, referred collectively to the educational programs axed from the 2011 federal budget as “busy little nothings.” One of these “nothings”—along with such established and useful programs as Teach for America and Reading Is … Continue reading

I, for one, am ready to march

Laura Schiller contributes this #blog4nwp post. In middle age, I discovered the National Writing Project and subsequently found my voice as an educator and a passion for learning that continues decades later. But I did not grow in isolation. My three daughters watched their mother publish, complete National Board Certification, teach teachers across the country, … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – This project is invaluable

Pre-service teacher Larry Cambpell contributes this #blog4nwp post. Writing is so important for students’ learning, and this project, the National Writing Project (NWP), is invaluable in preparing teachers to develop lesson plans involving writing strategies for students. We want to compete globally – [we want to] get students writing. To get students writing teachers need … Continue reading

#blog4nwp Save NWP

Michelle Shaw contributes this post for the #blog4nwp campaign. I have been an elementary school teacher for 10 years and had the honor of participating in the Minnesota Writing Project a few years ago. Not only has it affected my personal life as a writer, but it has completely changed my outlook on being a … Continue reading

Congress needs to reconsider its decision

Lynn Chih-Ning Chang, technology liaison of the Missouri Writing Project, contributes this #blog4nwp post. People outside of this country think America is one of the most powerful countries in the world. Before I came to the US, I didn’t really understand what makes this nation powerful and I had been wondering. I’d just heard that … Continue reading

I attribute my success to the National Writing Project

Karen Greco contributes this #blog4nwp guest post to the Coöp. The NWP equipped me to teach English: reading and writing.  After attending a summer institute at a university near me, the University of Houston at Clear Lake, I received the teacher of the year award for my district two years in a row.  I learned … Continue reading

Then I Met the Writing Project

This guest post is from #blog4nwp supporter Marilyn J. Hollman. I wrote little in my very small high school, but I also never thought that I couldn’t. My first day at community college, we met, about 350 freshmen, in a fieldhouse and were asked to write to a prompt which had “stairs” in it, can’t … Continue reading

It’s not in the water

This #blog4nwp post comes from Coöp member Deven Black Image by scholz via Flickr It’s not in the water. It’s not in our food. It’s neither in the music we hear nor the news we watch. It is certainly not in the chalk dust we breathe. None of those things hold the magic to make … Continue reading

How a Teacher Becomes a Writer

[Guest-blogger Susan R. Adams contributes this #blog4nwp post as a member of the Hoosier Writing Project.] Teachers must act in an imperfect world. We have no choice but to risk ourselves. The choice is to consider the risk private or to build a community that accepts vulnerability and shares risks. Vulnerability is endurable in a … Continue reading

new digs

Change is the only constant, and at Cooperative Catalyst it is time for a renovation. What do you think? We want to know. We have two primary goals for the Cooperative: 1. Have high quality conversations in line with our vision and mission. 2.Provide an engaging and welcoming on-line format to accomplish the above. The … Continue reading

Not all charter schools are silos

[Note: This is a guest post from Jamie Steckart, director of Minnesota’s Northwest Passage High School, an experiential learning dropout prevention and recovery program.] Northwest Passage High School is a small progressive public charter school located in Coon Rapids, MN. For the past 12 years, NWPHS has been educating students who have not thrived in … Continue reading

Accommodating Learning Disabilities and Differences Without Singling Students Out (Guest Post by Edward Stern)

Edward Stern is a guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog and writes for Accommodating different learning disabilities is a regular and occasionally difficult task for all teachers. Each and every student has a different learning style, but some differ more than others. Students with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), dyslexia, or other common … Continue reading

Cooperative Catalyst Week in Review: 01/03-01/09/11

What a great first week of 2011 for the Cooperative Catalyst, 12 new posts and 2,225 views! Please welcome all our new members as we gained a handful of  amazing change agents this week! Don’t forget to join our facebook page! enjoy! Cooperative Catalyst! Let’s Build Factories January 9, 2011 I thought I’d toss in some … Continue reading

Cooperative Catalyst’s Year in Review 2010-Most Viewed Posts

As the end of 2010 nears, we want to thank all of our readers and responders for a thought-provoking year at Cooperative Catalyst! In a little less than a year we, as a cooperative, have posted over 270 original pieces from over 30 authors on our blog and tallied around 40,000 views….WOW!  As we continue … Continue reading

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