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Reading Between the Lines: MD’s Proposed Charter Legislation

March 1, 2015, by Helen Atkinson Preamble: In Maryland we have what some consider a weak charter law and what others consider as one of the best charter laws in the country.  How you view the law depends on how you define the problems faced by public schools in this city and in our country … Continue reading

Lame Duck Schools

           There’s a regular occurrence in politics where elected officials have neared the end of their tenure either by reaching the limit of their allowed term/s or being defeated in re-election bids. Their successors have already been chosen, but before the looming takeover the old guard continues to serve in office. … Continue reading

Evaluating our Values

NOTE: This was originally posted in the EdWeek Teacher in a Strange Land blog. I put the article here in its entirety at first and then learned that I was not supposed to repost content from that blog elsewhere. Guess I’ll just leave the link here  

Reflections on a Lesson Plan: A Place of Empowerment and Self-Expression

Spend a few minutes at my middle school and you’ll quickly notice students talking over everyone–teachers and each other. Our school has proclaimed to be dedicated to social justice, and I can’t help but wonder how this culture of talking over one another is effective to empower students and help them develop strong voices. My … Continue reading

Reflections on a Lesson Plan

I love debating lofty questions around the ultimate goal of education and the impact of system wide policies. At the end of the day though, what consumes most of my thinking and time are attempts to make sense of what occurred in my classroom that day, and based on that understanding, deciding what the heck … Continue reading

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