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Playing with Math

This post was first posted on my personal blog as Visualizing Math. Thanks to David Wees (who has retweeted it) and David Loitz for the push to put it here as well. I love math.  Am I an expert at it?  No.  Do I make mistakes as I teach it?  Probably–but I work hard not … Continue reading

Acknowledging Our Assumptions

I don’t quite know how to begin this or how to write it, or how to end it, but there are thoughts hiding in my mind, flying around in it, and scurrying here and there that just won’t let me NOT write. I think the unrest began consciously at Educon, when Kirsten Olsen summed up … Continue reading

Schools Fail Boys (Guest Post by by Josh Stumpenhorst)

This post is a guest post (cross-posted from Stump The Teacher) by Josh Stumpenhorst, who is a “father, husband, 6th grade SS/LA teacher, tech enthusiast, current IL teacher of the year, ISTE emerging leader and aspiring Jedi.” according to his Twitter ID. I have been learning from Josh for a while and appreciate his honest examination of … Continue reading

The Few Like You Are Still The Few Like You

Following up on Pam’s post, “Once Upon a Time We Put a Human on the Moon,” I have to say I agree with much of what she said. In the “olden days,” there were desks in rows, kids doing worksheets, very little choice in assignments, mostly the teacher as dictator, and teachers who taught as … Continue reading

Making It Real…and Making a Difference!

Why did any of us go into education? I would suspect that for many of us it was all about making a difference in the world…the thought of making learning irresistible to kids and having the opportunity to change a life through inciting a love of learning certainly enticed me to the field. I’m in … Continue reading

What if…

every classroom you knew gave these Gifts of Opportunity?  Do YOU give them regularly? While this blog post was written for business, it is SO True for education! What opportunities would you add?     *thanks to @kariweston for the link on Twitter.

Revolution Tools

Got this on Twitter this morning–Revolution Tools–and chuckled at the image…but then acknowledged in my mind how Twitter has indeed revolutionized my professional sharing and growing, and I began thinking of the revolution tools I now use in my classroom. My learning space has changed dramatically since last year. I still have tables and chairs, … Continue reading

Making Private Practice Private No More

In September, I wrote the following paragraph: TEDxLondon is going on today–I caught the info about it on Twitter–and I know I am the only person on my staff listening to any pieces or parts of it. I wonder why, though, as I know many of my teachers are on Facebook and use social media … Continue reading

My Thoughts Are Yours Now

Sometimes a person says something, or you read something, that just resonates with you. I’m wondering if I began sharing with my staff the quotes I like or the sentences I read if it would cause any kind of change. Would others think about them? Would/could we have conversations about what they mean? Would there … Continue reading

What I Know Best

This blog’s been percolating for a bit…so the “today” I mention really happened in early November. I actually thought I had published this already, so thanks, David, for the nudge! Here goes… I’ve been having trouble blogging lately and I think I’ve figured out why.  I think somehow, somewhere along the line, I began looking … Continue reading

Real Education is Transformative

Got a tweet from my Sup’t today saying she was talking to one of my former iKids and Yarnspinners. You see, 12 years ago I taught in a school where I started two programs–one for kids to help each other (and teachers) use technology in more efficient and useful ways, and the other was for … Continue reading

A New Year Begins Again

Tomorrow will be our 13th day of school and some routines and patterns of behaving are beginning to appear. My job is somewhat different this year in that I have been given responsibility for a fifth grade math group and other fifth grade support in addition to my job as Gifted Resource Teacher. (Our county … Continue reading

“My Heart Hurts”

This post was begun in February, revised somewhat in June and I’ve decided to post it in September…it’s been a rough one to decide whether to share or not, but I’ve decided to throw it out there. February 2011: The past few weeks have been extremely hard ones for a number of reasons. A friend … Continue reading

Choice within and out of Google +

Google+ is the rage…much as Google WAVE was, but people seem to be sticking with + in a different way.  It’s interesting to me that circles were such a  big deal when it first began, but no one seems to be talking about them any more. I have to talk about them. They’ve been bothering … Continue reading

Now, Go Make It Happen

I’m in the process of rearranging my classroom and taking it back to my Kindergarten roots–comfy areas, lots of hands on stuff (with magnifying glasses nearby) to fiddle with, engaging books all around and making sure there are caves, watering holes and campfire areas. I’ll post pics when finished, but I have spent QUITE a bit … Continue reading

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