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Occupy Education: Student Protests Of 2012 (Guest Post by Stephanie Rivera)

“When students awaken, the national conversation will change.”- Diane Ravitch, “When Students Awaken“ After a week of googling, and searching around Facebook, I think I’ve finally got most them. I have found that over 150 student protests have been held in the United States thus far in 2012. For some reason, I thought this would take … Continue reading

A Celebration of Edith Abbott (Guest Post by Kim Wilkens)

Originally Posted at Kim’s Blog I had an assignment this past semester to research 5 educational leaders and besides the very well-known like Montessori, there wasn’t a lot of source material for women.  As a women in tech, I’m used to the being in the minority and my gender underrepresented in the media, but I … Continue reading

Women Educators and Philosophers: A Crowdsourced Celebration

The majority of teachers in this country are women, their impact on the history of education is vast, but only a few are covered in textbooks on education or talked about among the major thinkers in the history of education. Their wisdom, experience and action research in and out of the classroom has helped shape … Continue reading

Let Our Voices be Heard (Guest Post by SWDFS student Raychel Gafford)

Reposted with permission from Southwest Detroit Freedom School. Originally posted at Let Our Voices Be Heard! Originally recited by Raychel Gafford during a walk out and protest at Western International School in Detroit Wednesday April 25, 2012. See video of the speech below! Her speech starts at 3:46! Hi my name is  Raychel Gafford. I’m … Continue reading

What Is the Most Important Quality of Education? (Guest Post by Vidushi Sharma)

Originally Posted in the KidSpirit Online’s Spring issue, A Lens on Learning. Click through for more student written pieces on the topic of education and learning. “What are we are supposed to get out of school?” I asked one of my closest friends earlier this week. “What’s the point?” She looked at me for a … Continue reading

The Future of Our Education as Illustrated from the Tucson Book Ban (Guest Post by Youth Leader Kalila Bohsali)

I, as a student with a strong belief that our education shapes our lives, ideals and the way we view our peers and equals, am completely appalled with the recent education feud in Tucson, Arizona. Somehow, our learning process has become embroiled with deeply biased political catastrophes led by  greed mongering corporate monsters who are … Continue reading

Creating a Powerful Education for Our Children (Guest post by Beth Kimberly @Playworks)

originally posted on bkimberly’s Playworks blog Although we probably didn’t think of it this way at the time, our childhoods were full of informal education outside of school. This is where we were taught social norms, empathy, teamwork, problem solving and leadership by playing and learning from other, older kids. Unfortunately, it seems that many … Continue reading

Teaching Civic Engagement: Dear Mr. President (Guest Post by Kelly Dillon)

The paradox of democracy is this: those who don’t have it fight tooth and nail to get it while those who have it watch football. I realize this statement is hyperbolic, but I wanted to make a point. On President’s Day, I began thinking about the tremendous impact political freedom has on our lives, and … Continue reading

How Should Education be Transformed? (Guest Post by Occupy High Students)

Note: I have been following the Occupy High Students since October 2011, and have been inspired by their continued effort to transform their own education and to show people of all ages that “student’s do care about their education”. I have also had the pleasure to  work and get to know many of them along … Continue reading

A Positive Vision of a Transformed Education

All over the world children are starting school for the first time. Their eagerness and excitement is infectious. The joy of learning is in every ounce of their bodies and souls, and they will soon be joining a community of other children, as friends and playmates. They want to learn, play, and create. They know … Continue reading

Occupy High: A Protest of Education Funding Cuts (Guest Post by Kalila Bohsali)

Everyone has heard about the Occupy Wall St. movement and its spread to involve most major cities and small towns of the U.S. All of this talk about revolution and corporate take down has stirred the hearts of activists internationally, sparking the hearts of thousands of people, but what does it have to do with … Continue reading

Belief Only Carries Us So Far (Guest Post by Emily Crum)

Originally posted at Oregon Save Our Schools’ blog My heart is breaking over comments made by well-intended folks that if teachers just believed in their students, they can bring them out of poverty and into the arms of an ivy-league school. If I could, I would save every kindergartner that walks through my door of … Continue reading

Not Ready to Listen? (Guest Post by Adora Svitak)

Originally posted at Adora’s Blog  “The customer knows best.” It’s an adage seemingly old as time (for us young’uns, anyway). While it’s not always the case (as anyone who has worked an intense over-the-phone customer service job before may know), it’s certainly always valuable for businesses to listen to what clients are saying–whether surveys, market … Continue reading

Getting Real About Engagement (Guest Post By Adam Fletcher)

So many people are raising the flag around “engagement” now, calling for student engagement and political engagement and social engagement. They aren’t talking about marriage though, and maybe that’s what is missing in the conversation. In the heart of a marriage proposal, or engagement, a seed is planted. It’s the investment of two people into … Continue reading

Occupy Education Today! (Guest Post by Hannah Faye)

The Occupy Movement which began on Wall Street has now spread to many parts of the country with individual occupy movements popping up all over the place. When I saw the diversity of the movement and how it was growing back in September 2011, I knew it wouldn’t be long before educators started occupying as … Continue reading

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