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These Kids Nowadays! School Change and the New Generation Gap (Guest Post by Lisa Cooley)

We adults make as honest an effort as we can to imagine how school and learning can work better for our kids. But we are their worst enemies; or rather, it is our warm/fuzzy ideas of what our own childhoods were like that stand right in the way of our children. The time had come … Continue reading

Intrapersonal Awareness in Education (Guest Post by Landon Gupta)

Early in my college-level studies I went into counseling and psychotherapy. In the course of a few semesters my intrapsychic being began to undergo such a radical transformation that the counseling model continues to greatly influence my outlook on education. I also feel very strongly about the potential inherent by developing each aspect of multiple … Continue reading

Occupy Education Blogger March Days of Action

Please join us by making your voice heard! The Occupy Education blogger marches in solidarity with the direct action around the world is meant to help amplify our voice and those of other teachers, parents and students. From Portland to Wall St to Munich to Madrid, students, parents and teachers are marching for a better … Continue reading

Is College Worth it? Guest Post by Mike Newman

This question about the value of college in today’s faltering economy seems to be a popular question that has been floating around the blogosphere lately. For me it has been a question floating in my mind since graduating from college in 2004, primarily because my college experience was very lackluster to say the least. I … Continue reading

It Takes People to Make a Change, Not a Government (Guest post by student Diego Negrón Reichard)

 ( in Spanish and English) Vivo en Puerto Rico. Un país de decir, pero no hacer, de ver, pero no creer, de querer algo, pero no lo suficiente como para tomarlo en nuestras manos, de esperar, pero sin saber lo que estamos esperando. Mi nombre es Diego Negrón y la verdad es que esto se aplica … Continue reading

Students should be at the center of Authentic Assessment

What is Authentic Assessment? What is the purpose of assessment, grades, tests? It is not enough to just assess what students know or don’t know and mark it in a book or relay it to the parents, twice a year at conferences. I think assessment should be used solely for the the betterment and growth … Continue reading

Uniting to Ensure Best Options for Students, Parents and Teachers (Guest Post by Lisa Nielsen)

by Lisa Nielsen, Author The Innovative Educator blog Social media has become a mobilizing force in bringing together students, educators, and parents who are frustrated with the data-driven, standardized, one-size-fits all learning taking place in publicly funded schools today. Many of these groups have popped up with members joining and uniting against a system designed … Continue reading

Pragmatic suggestions for schoolers from unschoolers (Guest Post by Patrick Farenga)

Patrick Farenga worked closely with the author and teacher John Holt until Holt’s death in 1985. He is the President of Holt Associates Inc. and was the Publisher of Growing Without Schooling magazine (GWS) from 1985 until it stopped publishing in Nov. 2001. GWS was the nation’s first periodical about homeschooling, started by Holt in … Continue reading

What would Fair Trade Education look like?

At the Cooperative Catalyst, we spend a lot of time talking about what we think the right kind of education looks like and more often what it doesn’t look like. I just read this short article on a movement to create Fair Trade Oil Standards and it got me thinking of what fair trade education … Continue reading

Relationships Matter!

I had the great pleasure of attending the Coalition of Essential Schools conference this weekend in San Fransisco, and even the greater experience of getting to explore ideas with a group of change agents including Isaac Graves, Pedro Noguera, Linda Darling Hammond, Rick Poser, Scott Nine, Linda Nathan and the Theater crew of Boston Arts … Continue reading

Writing at the Cooperative Catalyst:Week in Review 11/08-11/13

Please check out some of our new authors(Paul Freeman and Steve Miranda) and revisit the diverse offering this past week and always join the conversation! Hope you have a great week! Community. Community. Community. November 13, 2010 I got an email today from a friend who’s launching an after-school program to help young people dealing with … Continue reading

Writing at the Cooperative Catalyst:Week in Review 11/01-11/07

I’m going to let the posts speak for themselves this week. Every single one is worth checking out! Please do take a moment to add to the conversation! Every voice helps to deepen and add to the complexity of conversation! -Cooperative Catalyst Decanting Superman November 5, 2010 Earlier this week I watched Waiting for Superman in … Continue reading

Education Transformation Plan: Designing Backwards

Yesterday I had a great conversation about what it takes to move a big box store into a more community orientated store. The article that was referenced gave a gradual/step by step approach to change that evolved the big box store instead of just tearing it down and building up the new model all at … Continue reading

Writing at the Cooperative Catalyst:Week in Review 10/24-10/31

Happy Halloween! Wow, what a week, it started out slow, but ended with a blast of output! 9 post and over 1000 views to our site! I went away for a few minutes and two more posts were added. These Week in Review posts are for those of us that like to see everything in … Continue reading

Writing at the Cooperative Catalyst:Week in Review 10/18-10/24

It is that time of the week again. Time to look back at the week that was. This week we welcomed a new author and teacher from Colorado, Sabrina of the blog Failing Schools. Here is a short bio from her blog! I’m Sabrina. Nice to meet you! I went into teaching because I (mistakenly) … Continue reading

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