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Archive Post: Adam Burk’s Education for Sane Planetary Citizenship

I have been thinking lately about how to revisit some of the older posts and discussions at the Cooperative Catalyst now that we have a wider readership and larger group of authors. My idea is that we would all take turns picking a post or two to revisit. The first post I choose came from … Continue reading

Writing at the Cooperative Catalyst:Weeks in Review 10/4-10/17

What a great past two weeks we have had, 16 new posts and hundreds of comments. We have tried to shift the conversation towards the complex positive stories of education and schooling (there is a difference) and teaching and learning (not sure there is a difference). We have had a range of topics from Waiting … Continue reading

Making our Teaching Public!

We have been talking about a lot of different topics this week, but at the essence we are trying to share how complex teaching and learning really is.  We are trying to get at the unique experience that being a teacher day in and day out, it is a job not easily defined. What I … Continue reading

Where great IDEAs come from: People working together, Not Superman

This video explains in a perfectly visual way, how cooperative’s like our group here are helping to give birth to the ideas that will transform education… What he points out is that they do take time and cooperative thought, a give and take, a stirring of the pot , a connection of half an idea, … Continue reading

Education as a Essential Gesture of Human Existence

Is education a human right or human nature? This question gets at the heart of what we are asking here at the Co-op? Are we educating children and adults or are we instead taking part in a “essential gesture of human existence” as Theodore Roszak states in his timely (written in 1977, but just as … Continue reading

Shifting the Conversation for a Moment

A post to start our unstructured play this week! Continue reading

We Must Look to Young Children

We most looks to our young children to reinvent and construct new ways to think about our past , future and the current state of being. Schools should and can be a center for this type of work. Continue reading

Personal Creeds and Philosophies of the Right Kind of Education.

This week we are asking the question “How can teachers have a bigger influence on education reformation?” During the week we have seen different ways this question can be answered. Casey on Wednesday reminded us we need to “Promote Reform and Yourself Without Censorship…” I agree whole heartily to Casey’s statement. I want to add, … Continue reading

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