Jabreel Chisley

I'm just a 18 year old virtual schooled student who one day wishes to own a school of my own (and to also be a lawyer.)
Jabreel Chisley has written 34 posts for Cooperative Catalyst

An Virtual Schoolers Response to: Profits and Questions at Online Charter Schools

After reading the New York Times piece about virtual schools, specifically K12 and Connections- Pearson, some horrible truths and some equally horrible lies have been absorbed into my mind. The author of this piece tries to essentially put K12 and Connections- Pearson on the stage as these big for profit corporations that directly influence the … Continue reading

Horrid Truths and Beautiful Lies: American Dis-Education

The American education system has become complacent with its failures, its atrocities, and its inadequacies. It’s become complacent with the system of hindrance and destruction that murders the potential that so many children who are hungry for equitable education posses. These atrocities and failures of gross amplitude are so habitually seen as acceptable and are … Continue reading

The Definition of Education

Receiving education in America once meant a chance to escape the ramifications of a limited knowledge. It once provided children a chance to better themselves and move beyond the implications of imprudence that could be forced upon their impressionable minds through those who essentially are in the same position as they are. It’s through education … Continue reading

Tale of a Broken System: A Student’s Perspective

Public education is a system of failure in America; it’s a system that no longer holds any true promise to a great future that one can build on. Over the past few decades its capabilities has seemed to have narrowed and its structure has seem to falter to the point of near catastrophic collapse. However, … Continue reading

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