Greg Garner

I teach 7th and 8th grade technology classes in Tyler, TX as well as conducting professional development activities for teachers and administrators.
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What If You Can’t Get the Wrong People Off the Bus?

In Jim Collins’ book, “Good to Great,” one of the keys of good-to-great companies is the ability to get the right people on the bus (read: hire the right people), the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats. This is a great strategy for corporate America and requires patience … Continue reading

Move the Needle

The other day, I received the following text message: “My principal just told me I have to teach digital citizenship. Help?” I think this rather succinctly summarizes where we are at in education with regards to digital citizenship. We are told that it’s important; we know we need to teach it, but we have no … Continue reading

Failure is not an option…?

For every action there is a consequence. Educators have a propensity to rely heavily on this sentiment, though I suspect most forget that they can help shape the consequence. If a child decides to not do their work (working at a middle-level campus I can assure you this never happens), most teachers begin a series of … Continue reading

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