Paul Freedman

I am the founding Director of The Salmonberry School in Eastsound, WA. I have taught elementary school in public and private settings for the past 19 years. I serve as a contributing editor for Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice (Formerly the Holistic Education Review.) I also serve on the faculty of the Self Design Graduate Institute. I hold an MA in EDU from Goddard College.
Paul Freedman has written 21 posts for Cooperative Catalyst

I took the PSAT’s…again!

Well, the title of this post isn’t exactly true.  Actually, I last took the Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) about 27 years ago.  Scoring well on this test is an important step towards qualifying for the National Merit Scholarship (weird process, talk about privileging the already privileged!) So when my 14 year old son came … Continue reading

An Ethic Of Excellence – Introduction

On David L’s recommendation, a number of us are reading or re-reading Ron Berger’s book, An Ethic of Excellence.  I hope many of you have read this text or will join us in doing so in the coming weeks.  I will volunteer to get the conversation started with my reflection on the book’s introduction, available here:  … Continue reading

Deep Education

Back in April I posted here about skimming surfaces in eduction and the imperative to go deeper.  I’m still thinking about the need for a shift towards depth in education: I go down. Rung after rung I go down… I came to explore… The thing I came for: The wreck and not the story of … Continue reading

Surfin’ USA

Ahh, Spring break.  A moment to pick my head up, take time to reflect.  Smell the breeze, full of life and hope and promise.  And then return my gaze to my work and its place in the broader educational landscape.  And this spring’s reflections have led me here (with much owed to the work of … Continue reading

Blowin’ the Roof Off

So what if just about everything you thought you knew about schooling was wrong.  What if the structures, curriculum, behavioral expectations, student-teacher dynamic, daily scheduling, assessment methods and criteria, etc. –what if all of the stuff you had been told was immutable could be different…really different?   In my previous post “Is it a cop … Continue reading

Is it a cop out to drop out?

Hi Coop Cat community, As this is my first post at Coop Cat, I feel I should use it to serve as a bit of an introduction.  First, I want to say how blown away I am by the thoughtfulness and commitment I have found in reading the posts and comments on this site.  More … Continue reading

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