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The Downside of Charters and The Traditional Public School.

I was reading Stephanie’s SFER post and thinking about Shaun Johnson’s @thechalkface post while giving some further thought to Peggy Robertson’s Eye on the ball post (I know that is a lot of thinking going on, but it’s late and Kid Cudi is in my ear) and I started to see the common thread in … Continue reading

A Students Response to Mitt Romney’s: A Chance for Every Child

First off, education is not a privilege. Education is something that is to be thought of as a right, a requirement, and a necessity. Education is something that we owe to children and adults for success both today and tomorrow. When you deny the right to access education, you are denying the right to live … Continue reading

Are we leaving LGBTQ and Pansexual students behind?

Youth deserve the right to be educated, to educate, to be empowered, and to empower, regardless of their sexual, racial, religious, or ethnical identities. They furthermore deserve the right to feel safe and protected in an environment that lets them be themselves without any fear of intimidation or unchecked ignorance. While the US has come … Continue reading

Time to Speak

“We are all here for a reason on a particular path; you don’t need a curriculum to know you are apart of the math”- J.Ivy System: a scheme of ideas or principles by which something is organized, a method or set of procedures for achieving something. Abandon: to leave somebody or something for others to … Continue reading

The Importance of Student Voice : a response to Diane Ravitch

“Student voice is now being invited to evaluate teachers, but I think that’s very bad idea. One more way to intimidate educators. ‪#soschat” @DianeRavitch (5:57 PM – 19 Jun 12) In public education voice is something that is tolerated with a sense of intolerance…meaning it is something that is lauded only for preaching the common … Continue reading

Reinventing Education

Education is something that is vital to the existence of a country where financial prosperity is something that is universally longed for. This is because that in order to reach financial prosperity one must reach a level of knowledgeable prosperity that unlocks the true innovator within them. However, if our countries goal is to allow … Continue reading

Educating and being educated.

We are approaching the horizon of a national crisis that is being ignored, blanketed in dissolution of hopes that it will be one of those “work itself out” issues like we hoped with the 2000’s financial meltdown. Our feelings about this crisis are the same as they were in that crisis because the same lack … Continue reading

Since When

Since when is a child unworthy of a state sponsored education that is worthy of obtaining and is useable in real world scenarios? Since when should a child be told that they are unworthy of such education simply because their zip code is 44112 and not 44022? Since when is it reasonable to trap a … Continue reading

When Reproach is beyond Reproach

Education in America has been on a path of continual downfall that is laced with sections that are inaccessible and are so sensitive that are deemed incapable of being habitable. We have moved toward the dark edge of the path where the light at the end of the tunnel is abyss and is lamented with … Continue reading

The No Play Doctrine

After reading the recent posts in the play and recess campaign on the Coop I began to notice the common denominator in every argument agreeing that play is crucial to a suitable public education system. We, the American public, have slowly become a society that praises and emphasizes conformity and standardization in the ultimate goal … Continue reading

Calling B.S When Confronted with B.S: The Nations Drop out Rate is Proof that American Public Education is failing

In order to uplift a people they need to be educated, emboldened, empowered, and entrusted with a sense of worthiness and purpose. Without one of those six things you have a population of people who can’t rationalize, who can’t revolutionize, who can’t problem-solve, and who can’t embrace innovation. Without one of the six above things … Continue reading

Hey Mr.Knowitall, 2 Weeks Detention…For Talking Seriously About Education

Inclusion within discussion…it’s the one dynamic every serious discussion needs in order to come to a serious conclusion. When discussions lack that dynamic they are often poor in concluding theory and therefore often miss the point of what’s trying to be achieved. It’s not because the people who leading the discussions are incapable of reaching … Continue reading

You Have the “Right” to Remain Stupid: What America & Wall St. Really Wants for Children

We educate our youth with the intention of eradicating ignorance, hate, selfishness, greed and bigotry through empowering youth to challenge societal obstacles, enabling visionaries to envision and imaginers to imagine, and to give children a chance to free themselves from the societal constraints in which they find themselves soldered to. Without education none of this … Continue reading

Something That Needs to Happen (Part 2) : Commencing Operation Drain the Pipeline

Education is the gateway to freedom, prosperity, self determination, happiness and productivity; it’s the driving force behind almost every economy in the world and it’s directly related to the health of a society. When a child is denied an equitable and effective education than he or she is denied a right, a right to be … Continue reading

Something That Needs to Happen: Closing the Pipeline-Pt 1

(Photo from the Youth Justice Coalition) In America, education is supposed to provide children with endless possibilities and the chance to enter into the profession or trade they love. From day one children are told that if they do their part, if they show up, sit down, shut up, and listen that they will be … Continue reading

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