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Self-Organized Learning in the Standardized Classroom: Possible?!

Work within the system for slow systemic change, or from without for idealistic radical change? This is one of the most exhausting choices facing modern alternative educators. I want to take a crack at how we might approach educational transformation from within a typical public charter school with all its focus on core curriculum and … Continue reading

Is “The Experiment” Working?

It was a classy affair with an attendance of perhaps fifty guests, and I was lucky enough to be granted an invitation to an exclusive screening of The Experiment at The New Orleans Museum of Art. I walked into the place – a tad bit under-dressed – and filled my hands with an Abita Amber … Continue reading

Transforming Education and Our World

Our world and its education still have a long way to go, but I, for one, feel transformed. After an extended weekend in Portland for this year’s AERO conference with some of the most amazing people on the globe, I have seen the potential of an impassioned, informed, and caring group of individuals working for … Continue reading

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