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5-15 Reports :: Learning from our Students

One of my former colleagues recently posted this in our Facebook group. We used to use this technique to get our creative juices flowing vis-à-vis product development and corporate strategy in the educational software world. I’m still a believer that the seeds of great ideas often come from places you wouldn’t expect. And, even though … Continue reading

Necessity Play is the Mother of Invention

I stumbled across our Monsters, Inc DVD last night and one of the key themes replayed in my mind…the realization at the end of the movie that joy/laughter creates significantly more power than fear. I think we need to revisit this theme with respect to learning and school. So many of our policy decisions right … Continue reading

Have U.S. Students Fallen Victim to Self-Fulfilling Prophecies?

I was reminded of an interesting tidbit the other day about the Finnish school system in one of the education news emails I receive the other day. This information has been out for a while, but these two sentences stood out for me during my most recent re-read: “Finnish children never take a standardized test. … Continue reading

Learning Preferences, Entry Points and Why They Matter

This past back-to-school season, a learning styles study from 2009 got recycled by NPR and resulted in one of the most heated comment debates I’ve seen online. The study proclaimed that learning styles do not, in fact, exist and “widespread use of learning-style tests and teaching tools is a wasteful use of limited educational resources.” Maybe … Continue reading

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